Casino woorden met een W

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter W
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze translator drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Walk = (1) Player who leaves a gaming table. (2) A guest the hotel turns away due to a lack of rooms.
Walked With = An expression referring to the amount of table cheques a player leaves the table with.
Walk-In = A person who requests a hotel room without a reservation. Walking Money Money given by a casino to a player who has lost all of her funds in order to return home.
Walking on His Heels = Dazed.
Want = A need shaped by a person’s knowledge, culture, and personality. Wash Breaking even.
Washing the Cards = Combining several decks of cards prior to shuffling by mixing them together on the table in random fashion.
Wave = To bend the edge of a card during play for identification purposes.
Way Bet = In keno, a ticket marked to combine number bets in various ways.
Way Off = Defective.
Weed = Palm or remove bills while handling money.
Weigh Count = The dollar amount of coins and tokens removed from the slot machine drop buckets and counted by the hard-count team through the use of a weight scale.
Weigh Wrap = Verification The process of comparing, by denomina¬tion, the total value of the weight to the total value of the wrapped coins and racked tokens; significant differences between the weight and the wrap are investigated and noted.
Weight = Cheater jargon for loaded dice.
Well-Heeled = Sophisticated.
Welsh = Failure to pay a gambling debt.
Welter = Gambler who fails to pay off his gambling losses.
Whale = Term used by casino employees to describe a big bettor (e.g., a gambler with a credit line in excess of $50 thousand dollars).
Wheel = Roulette wheel or game.
Wheel Roller = Roulette dealer.
Whip Cup = Cheater’s dice cup with inner surface polished.
Whip Shot = A controlled dice shot in which the two dice are spun from the hand and strike the table surface with a flat spinning motion so that the controlled numbers are on top when the dice stop.
Whirl = In craps, a bet covering seven and the horn numbers in five equal amounts.
Whistle Blowing = Employees who report fraudulent or wasteful orga¬nizational activities to appropriate authorities.
White on White = Marked cards with small white markings on white border.
Whites = One dollar.
Whiz Machines = A machine used for dispensing and controlling man¬ual slips used for table fills, table credits, slot hopper fills, and slot jackpot payouts; the supply of slips contained in the machine is usu¬ally in triplicate, with one copy remaining in a secured compartment within the machine once the slips are dispensed; primarily used as a backup in the event of computer failure.
Wide Open = A lot of fast moving game action.
Wild Card = Card(s) given the power to substitute for other cards in suit and value.
Win = The amount of each dollar wagered that is won or held by the house before operating expenses and other costs have been paid and does not represent profit.
Windfall = An unexpected large influx of money.
Window = A cheater’s term for location where dealer’s whole card can be seen.
Wire = (1) Sign used between players. (2) In slots, a device used to rig a payout. (3) Secretly worn tape recorder.
Wired = In blackjack, a good hand.
Wire Joint = Corrupt gambling house in which tables are rigged or dice are magnetized.
Wireinan = In slots, a cheat who slips a wire info a drilled hole in the machine to control the spinning wheels.
Won’t Bite = Will not take the risk.
Won’t Spring = Will not pay the bill for others.
Wood = Nonplayer.
Word of Mouth = Information about a service experience passed orally from past (and other social information sources) to potential cus¬tomers.
Work = (1) Deformed dice. (2) Process of changing the dice. Workforce Diversity Employees in organizations are heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, or other characteristics.
Working Bets = In craps, all money or chips that are riding on the next roll of the dice.
Working Stack = In craps, stacks of checks directly in front of a base dealer used for making payoffs.
Work Teams = Groups of individuals that cooperate in completing a set of tasks.
World-Class Service = Level of service that stresses personal attention to each guest.
Worst of It = Disadvantage.
Wrap = The dollar amount of coins and tokens removed from the slotmachine drop buckets and wrapped by the hard-count team.
Write = The total amount wagered in the race book, sports book, keno, and bingo.
Writer = An employee of the race book, sports book, or keno who writes tickets.
Wrong Bettor = In craps, a player who bets against the shooter by plac¬ing the don’t come or don’t pass bet.