Casino woorden met een M

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter M
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Machiavellianism = A measure of the degree to which people are pragmatic, maintain emotional distance, and believe that ends justify means.
Machine = (Holdout Machine) A mechanical device worn on a cheater’s chest that allows him to retain certain cards and keep them out of play until later.
Machine Fill = The transfer of coin or tokens from a slot booth or the casino cage to a slot machine whose hopper is low on coins.
Magnet = In cheating, a person who places a magnet on the side of older slot machines to get the inside wheels to obtain winning com-binations and payouts and then pulls the magnet off when finished
Mallard = A hundred-dollar bill.
Managed Services = Services that can be outsourced to professional management companies.
Management = The effective and efficient integration and coordination of resources in order to achieve desired objectives.
Management Contract = An agreement between the owner/developer of a facility and a professional management company in which the owner/developer usually retains the financial and legal responsibility for the facility while the management company receives an agreed upon fee and/or percentage for operating the facility.
Management Functions = The major activities of management including planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.
Management Information System (MIS) = An organized method of providing past, present, and projected information relating to intemal and extemal operations to assist in decision making.
Manager = Person in an organization who undertakes management functions including planning, organizing, directing, and controlling and, thus, coordinates activities to guide the organization toward its desired goals.
Man Upstairs = (1) Casino employee ‘s term for top management. (2) The casino employees who work in surveillance monitoring the cameras of the eye in the sky.
Mark = The target of a con man.
Marker = An IOU or credit extended to a player.
Marker Card = A card positioned in the deck or shoe to signify the end of play.
Marker Down = A communicative phrase to the floorperson indicating that the marker has been repaid.
Marker Puck = In craps, a large saucer-shaped object approximately three inches across; it is black on one side on which the word “OFF” is written and white on the side on which the word “ON” is written.
Marker System = Credit play system that allows the casino to both issue and redeem markers in the pit.
Marketing Mix = The combination of variables over which marketers have control; include price, product, place, and promotion.
Market = Niche Usually a small and specialized portion of a market, sometimes called a segment.
Market Segment = A group of people whose members have something in common and to which a specific service appeals.
Market Share = ( 1) Percentage relationship of an organization’s sales to total industry sales. (2) Fraction of an industry’s output accounted for by an individual firm or group of firms.
Mark Off = The process by which the dealer separates stacks of chips in the rack into the proper size so that a floorperson can quickly and accurately count them from a distance.
Martingale = In roulette, a doubling up system of wagering. Mason A stingy player.
Master Game Report = A form, usually computer generated, that summarizes information for each table to determine the win or loss for the table; allo known as a stijf sheet, indicates the amount of currency and chips removed from the drop box as well as fills, credits, and marker transactions that occurred at the table.
Match Up = To locate or make a pair of gaffed dice that are identical in appearance to the dice in play.
Maximum = The largest bets allowed per chance and per player, as set by the casino.
Mean = (1) Nasty person. (2) In statistics, the same as average. Mechanic A dealer who is very good at cheating and manipulating the cards.
Mechanical Games = Games that require little or no skill, such as slot machines or pull-tabs.
Mechanic’s Grip = A method of holding a deck of cards, in either the left or right hand, with three fingers curled around the long edge of the deck and the index finger at the narrow upper edge away from the body.
Mechanistic Organization = An organization that tends to be inflexible and, thus, resists change.
Median = In mathematics, the figure in the exact middle of a series of numbers ordered or ranked from lowest to highest.
Mega-Resorts = A self-contained, destination property that includes, at a minimum, hotel, restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other amenities.
Memphis = Dominoes Dice.
Mentor = A person who sponsors, supports, or guides another employee who is lower in the organization.
Meter = A mechanical device contained in the slot machine, which may record information such as the number of coins placed into the machine, the number of coins paid out, and the number of coins dropped in the drop bucket. (Computerized slot systems also contain meters to record the same type of information.)
Mexican Standoff = A wagering session that ends in either incidental winnings or losces.
Michigan Bankroll = Wads of money in which a large denomination bill is wrapped around a core of one-dollar bilis in an attempt to make the player appear to have more money.
Mini-Baccarat = A baccarat game played on a smaller, blackjack style table with one dealer who distributes all the cards, rather than passing the shoe from player to player; usually has lower minimum wagers than baccarat.
Minimum = The lowest wager allowed to be placed at a table.
Minus Count = A cumulative negative count of the cards placed in play that tends to be to the disadvantage of the player.
MIS = An abbreviation for management information system. Miss a Pass Failure to make a point number in craps.
Misses = Dice so gaffed as to work against the shooter.
Mission = The stated and basic written objective of the organization that serves to guide it; conveyed to others through the mission statement.
Missout = In craps, failure to make the point.
Misspots = Misspotted dice that have certain numbers repeated on op¬posite Bides whereas other numbers have been left off entirely.
Mitt = A hand of cards.
Mitting = In To get a victim involved in playing in a game by getting him to play for the cheat or by making a bet for him.
Mitt Man = A card cheat who specializes in palming and switching the cards she has been dealt.
Mixed Stack = A pile of chips that contains several denominations or colors.
Mode = A measure of central tendency defined as the most frequently occurring observation category in the data.
Mode of Transportation = Transportation option that is chosen such as airplane, bus, boat, car, and so on.
Modified American Plan (MAP) = Packages that include accommo¬dation and two meals per day (normally breakfast and dinner).
Moment of Truth = A term used to describe service encounters when a customer directly interacts with an employee.
Money Play = A cal I on any of the games to alert the floorperson that cash is being placed as a bet.
Money Poker = A guessing game played with dollar bilis; also known as liar poker.
Money Switch = A dice switch performed under the cover of the bilis that the cheat holds in her hand for betting.
Money Wheel = The big six wheel.
Monitor Part = of the surveillance system by which the output from the eye in the sky is displayed.
Monkey = (1) Face card. (2) A sucker.
Monopolistic Competition = In economics, a term referring to a mar¬ket structure in which there is a large number of sellers who are sup¬plying goods that are close, but not perfect, substitutes.
Morning Line = In horse and dog racing, the handicapper’s or price-maker’s morning guess as to the probable odds that are to run in the afternoon races.
Motivation = The sum of the energizing forces, both internal and ex¬ternal, to a person that account, in part, for certain behaviors.
Mouthpiece = A lawyer.
Move = To cheat using sleight of hand.
Muck = A cheating technique in which one or all of the cards the cheat has been dealt in a game are switched for previously palmed cards.
Mucker = (1) A cheater who uses palming and switching techniques. (2) In roulette, the second dealer who facilitates payoffs and cleans up checks.
Mug Punter = A gambler who does not have a rudimentary knowledge of the odds and probabilities in a game he is playing.
Multidimensional Scaling = A statistical technique that allows attitu¬dinal data to be collected for several attributes in a manner that yields a single overall rating.
Multiple Action Blackjack = Version of blackjack that allows wagerers to play up to three hands at one time and to make three bets, all from the same deck.
Multiple Decks = A blackjack game played with two or more decks of cards.
Multiple Regression = A statistical technique that allows assessment of the relationship between an interval variable and two or more in¬terval, ordinal, or nominal variables.
Multiple Slot Machines = Slot machines that accept one to eight coins and pay off winners in multiple fashions.
Multiplier = In regional economics, a term used to denote the change in an induced variable (gross national product, money supply, tourism spending) per unit change in an external variable (government spending, tax ratel, building a casino).