Casino woorden met een F

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter F
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

F&B = An abbreviation for food and beverage. Face Card Jack, queen, or king.
Face Down = Method of delivering cards so that only the player sees them.
Face Validity = The investigator’s subjective evaluation as to the validity of a measuring instrument; concerns the extent to which the measuring instrument appears to measure according to the re-searcher’s subject assessment.
Factor Analysis = A statistical technique for classifying a larger number of interrelated variables into a smaller number of dimensions or factors. Fad A short-lived fashion or trend.
Fade = (Fade Craps) To cover all or part of the dice shooter’s center bet. Fade Cover In craps or chemin de fer, a bet against the bank. Fading Game Open craps.
Fairbank = To make a cheating move in favor of the player to entice him to continue to play or to increase the size of his bet.
Fair Game = A game in which the payoffs are equal to the mathematical chances of winning. Casino games are not fair because the casino’s payoffs are somewhat less than the mathematica) probability of each result, and this small advantage will prove decisive over a long series of trials.
Faites Vos Jeux = French for “place your bets”; signals the start of betting at the roulette table.
False Carding = In draw poker, bluffing by tak i ng fewer cards than is necessary to improve one’s hand so that a position of strength is implied.
False Cut = A cut that leaves the deck, or part of the deck, in its original position.
Fun = To lay the deck of cards out on the table in a semicircular pattern for observation and verification.
Fan Tan = Simple oriental game played with beans or buttons in which the outcome is decided by a dealer dividing a pile of buttons with a stick, separating four at a time until four, then three, then one is left; fOund in some Nevada casinos.
FAQ = An abbreviation for frequently asked question.
Faro = Card game using a bank in which cards selected from the deck win sequentially or alternately for the bank and the players.
Fust Company = Sophisticated players who are capable of spotting the more crude methods of cheating and are more difficult to swindle.
Fust Count = (1) A rapid counting for the purpose of concealing a miscount of one or more numbers. (2) Shortchanging a person.
Fast Work = Playing cards that have been boldly marked so that they may be read more easily and quickly.
Fat Person = who has a large quantity of money; is loaded.
Favorites = Numbers or chances coming up frequently during certain times of a particular game.
Fax = An abbreviation for electronic facsimile.
Feasibility Analysis = A study of the potential demand and economic feasibility of a business or other type of organization.
Fever = (1) Gambling habit. (2) In craps, the number five.
Field = In craps, a wager good only for the next roll.
Field Splitters = A pair of misspotted dice, one of which bears only the numbers 1, 2, and 3 while the other bears only the numbers 4, 5,and 6.
Fill = Bringing additional checks from the cage to the table to replenish the dealer’s bankroll.
Fill Slip = Voucher that goes along with the fill, is verified, and signed with one copy deposited in the drop box and one copy given to the floorperson by the dealer.
Fin = Five-dollar bill.
Finals = In roulette, the rightmost digits of the numbers on the wheel.
Finger = To identify a cheat.
Firm = (1) To hold or maintain one’s wager. (2) Business unit.
First Base = In blackjack, the first seat or position immediately to the dealer’s left and the player who receives the first card dealt.
First Basing = A cheating technique in blackjack in which the player in the first seat reads the dealer’s hole card when it is picked up to see if he has a natural.
First Flop Dice = Loaded dice that have been so heavily weighted that they are likely to come up on the favored number on the first roll.
Five Card Charlie = A bonus popular in blackjack in which a five-card total equal to or less than twenty-one pays the player two to one.
Fix = To influence the outcome of a sports event or game to win a wager.
Fixed Cost = Financial liabilities that remain static or that do not vary with changes in business volume.
Flag = A die that has been modified so that it is not true.
Flagged = In craps, to be passed by as the next shooter.
Flash = To display a card, usually the dealer’s hole card.
Flashing = A cheating technique in blackjack where the dealer exposes the top card of the deck to an accomplice to help her win.
Flash Work = A cheating technique in cards in which the entire back of each card, except for one small portion, is shaded lightly.
Flat Bet = To bet the same amount on each hand played.
Flat Joint = (Flat Store) Any crooked gambling game.
Flat Organization = Internal structure of a business in which a large number of subordinates report to one supervisor; characteristic of a new or small business.
Flat Passers = Crooked dice that have the 6 and 1 sides cut down on one die and the 3 and 4 sides cut down on the other so that 4, 5, 9, 10 appear more often.
Flats = Crooked dice that have been shaved so that two sides have more surface area than the other four sides; also called bricks.
Flea = (1) A patron who tries to ride on the winning of an ardent gam¬bler or one who loiters in the casino attempting to obtain comps or other privileges. (2) Derogatory term used by casino employees for a small bettor.
Flick = A small hidden mirror that allows the cheat to see the faces of the cards as she deals them.
Float = In a table game, the tray.
Float Cover = The lid of the chip tray, which locks.
Floater = In roulette, when the balt hangs up under the lip and will not drop.
Flopping the Deck = A cheating technique in blackjack in which the dealer secretly turns the deck over so the used, faceup cards on the hottom are dealt again.
Flush = (1) Gambler who is winning or has a lot of money. (2) In poker, a hand containing any five cards of one suit.
Flush Spotted Dice = Dice whose spots are flush with the surface rather than countersunk.
Focus Group = A form of personal interviewing in which the researcher asks open-ended questions to a small group of people to explore a topic.
Fold (Folding) = Throwing in a hand of cards or dropping out. Folding Money Paper money.
Folio (Guest Folio) = In hotels, a collection of guest charges that are recorded either manually or by a computer.
Food Cost Percentage = A ratio comparing the cost of food sold to food sales; calculated by dividing the cost of food sold during a given period by food sales during the same period.
Forecasting = Process of estimating future events in business. Foreign Checks Cheques that are received from another casino. Foreign Chips Chips from another casino.
Four-Eyed = Term used to describe a cheat who specializes in the use of a glim (a cheating move to see cards as they are being dealt). Four of a Kind In poker, all four cards are the same rank.
Four-Way-Play Bingo = A game in which there are four winning posi¬tions; also called round robin.
Franchising = A contractual arrangement between a franchisor (who owns the name and style of operation) and a franchisee that allows the franchisee to conduct business under an established name and according to a given pattern of business in return for a fee. Widely used in hotels and chain restaurants.
Free Bet = In bank craps, a bet that permits a player who has made a previous bet on the pass or don’t pass line to lay or take the correct point odds equal to the amount she is playing on the line.
Free Double Odds Bet = Same as free bet except that right or wrong bet- tors with line bets can take or lay double the amount riding on the line.
Free Hand = The hand in which the shoe is not normally held while dealing
Free Ride = Playing part of a poker hand without betting; a losing bet that goes unnoticed and plays again.
Freeze Out = To force a gambler out of a game.
French Service = Restaurant service in which one waiter (a captain) takes the order, does the tableside cooking, and brings the drinks and food. A secondary or back waiter serves bread and water, clears each course, crumbs the table, and serves the coffee.
French Wheel = European roulette wheel that contains only one zero located between black twenty-six and red thirty-two.
Frequency Distribution = The number of observations of each value of a variable.
Frets = In roulette, the dividers that create the pockets on the wheel.
Front Desk = In lodging, the focal point of activity within the front of¬fice where the guest checks in, is assigned a room, and checks out; usually located in the lobby.
Front Line = In craps, the pass line.
Front Line Odds = Taking the odds on the point number.
Front Loader = In blackjack, a careless dealer who uncovers her hole card while dealing.
Front Man = A person who does not have a criminal record who poses as the owner of a casino when he really is not; done in an effort to circumvent the law.
Front of the House = The functional areas of the casino, hotel, or restaurant in which employees have extensive guest contact such as the casino floor, front desk, or dining room.
Fruit Machine = Term used by the English for a slot machine because the earliest slot reels used fruit as symbols.
Full House = In poker, a hand with three of a kind plus a pair.
Full Moon = Term used by dealers to refer to the time of the month when (they think) all the strange people or “turkeys” come to their table.