Casino woorden met een N

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter N
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Nail = To catch someone cheating.
Nail Work = A cheating technique in which the cheat presses a thumb or fingernail into the edge of a card to leave a mark that can be seen across the table and feit when the cheat is dealing.
Name Credit System = Credit play system that allows the casino to issue markers in the pit, but does not allow redemptions in the pit.
National Gambling = Impact and Policy Commission Act Act that established a nine-member federal commission; impacts all types of gambling in the United States.
National Indian Gaming = Association Represents the Native American tribes in the United States that have gaming; located in Washington, DC.
National Restaurant Association (NRA) = The association represent¬ing restaurant owners and the restaurant industry.
Native American = A term referring to people who settled in the United States before Europeans arrived.
Natural = (1) In blackjack, a two-card count of twenty-one. (2) In craps, a seven or eleven on the come-out roll. (3) In baccarat, a two-card count of eight or nine.
NCRG = An abbreviation for the National Center for Responsible Gaming; a research and education foundation created by the gaming entertainment industry to fund gambling addiction research.
Necktying = A cheating technique in which the dealer tilts the front end of the deck upward to hide a second deal.
Needs = A person’s physical and psychological desires.
Negative Swing = A period during which a loss is shown, even with a mathematica! advantage.
Negotiation = The process in which two or more parties want to ex-change goods or services and attempt to agree on a suitable exchange rate.
Neighbors = In roulette, numbers that are in proximity on the wheel. Nepotism The practice of hiring one’s own relatives to work in the same organization.
Net Cash Receipts = The amount of cash and checks in the register drawer minus the amount of the initial cash bank.
Net Investment = The gross investment minus depreciation of capital goods.
Net Loss = The negative result of deducting gross expenses, including taxes, from gross revenues.
Net Profit = The gross profit minus operating expenses.
Networking = (1) Linking computers to communicate with each other.(2) People meeting others in their profession to help each other.
Net Worth = Total assets minus total liabilities.
New Product Development Process = Process used to evaluate, de-velop, and launch new products.
New York Craps = A form of bank craps played mostly in the eastern United States in which the player must pay a 5 percent commission for betting the box or off numbers.
Niche = A unique position that separates a product or organization from its competitors (e.g., adding an amusement park to a hotel, when no other competitors have one, creates a niche for the hotel).
Nickel = Five-dollar chips.
NIGA = An abbreviation for National Indian Gaming Act.
Night Audit = In accounting, the daily review of guest accounts against revenue center transaction information.
Night Auditor = In hotels, the employee who checks the accuracy of front office accounting records and compiles a daily summary of hotel financial data.
Night Shift = Work shift that generally takes place from eleven p.m. to seven a.m.
Ninety Days = In craps, the point nine.
No Brainer = A slang term for a decision that is so easy that a person could make it correctly without thinking.
No Dice = A craps term referring to a disallowed roll of the dice (usu¬ally because they fai led to hit a walt or did not land straight).
Noir = A roulette term referring to a bet for the winning number to be black.
Noise = In the communication process, any disturbances that interfere with transmission of a message.
Nominal Scale = In creating a research design, the measurement instrument codes the responses as numbers solely for the purpose of identification (e.g., assigning “male” a “1” and “female” a “2” to distinguish the gender difference).
Nonaffiliate Reservation Network = Central reservation system that connects independent properties.
Nonautomated = A system of front office record keeping that exclu¬sively uses handwritten forms.
Nonguaranteed Reservation = When the hotel agrees to hold a room until a stated time but no payment is received if the guest does not show up.
Nonguest Account = An account created to track the financial transac¬tions of organizations that use the facilities of the hotel.
Nonguest Folio = A statement of transactions for a nonguest business or agency that has hotel charge purchase privileges.
Nonmonetary Compensation = Recompense other than money that includes items such as trips, awards, or recognition.
Nonprice Competition = A strategy in which price is fixed for every one and therefore other factors must be used, such as advertising or product differentiation, as a basis for competition.
Nonverbal Communication = An aspect of communication that refers to meanings that are transmitted without words (e.g., when poker players watch their opponente’ faces for positive or negative reactions to the cards).
No-Post Status = A guest who is not allowed to charge purchases to the room.
Normative Influence = In organizational behavior, a natural process of groups of people is that they set and enforce their ideas of conduct (e.g., if a group of people go to the casino together, they will influ¬ence each other to stay Jonger and bet more).
Normative Social Influence = When a person allows behavior to be altered in order to meet the expectations of a person or group (e.g., Sam does not want to go to the casino but his wife does, so he goes to keep peace in the family).
N orms Informal rules of conduct (e.g., in America, tips are expected, whereas in Japan, tipping is considered an insult).
Noser = Short for a drawer or bank that balanced at the end of the shift.
No-Show = A person who makes a reservation but does not cancel and does not show up.
NRA = An abbreviation for National Restaurant Association.
Number Two = Man A cheating move in which the dealer deals the second card from the top.
Nut = (1) Overhead expenses. (2) The amount a casino must make to break even.