Casino woorden met een A



Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter A
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Abandon = To relinquish a hand or deal.
Above = Casino earnings as recorded in its hookkeeping ledger.
Absolute Advantage = Term in economics that refers to the ability of one firm to
produce a good or service more efficiently than another.
Accountability = A person’s ability to carry out assigned responsibilities and
to be answerable for decisions.
Account Payable = An amount owed by the business.
Account Receivable = An amount owed to the business.
Ace = (1) A playing card. (2) In blackjack, a playing card with a value of one
or eleven. (3) In craps, a single dot on one die. (4) One dollar bill.
Ace Adjustment = The adjustment for the proportion of aces remaining to be
played in order to determine bet size.
Ace-Deuce = A throw of the dice totaling three.
Ace Poor = A lower than average proportion of aces remaining to be played,
favoring the house.
Ace Rich = A higher than average proportion of aces remaining to be played,
favoring the player.
Aces (Craps Two) = One die showing “one spot” up and the other die showing
another “one spot” up.
A Cheval = In roulette, a bet on two numbers adjacent on the layout.
Across the Board = In rating, when a bettor places wagers on win, place, and
Action Sum = total of all wagers made on all gambling activity.
Action Plans = Specific plans that translate the service strategy into guides
for employee activity over the coming period, usually a year.
Active Player = In baccarat, a player who represents a combined group of players
in wagering against the bank.
Adjusted Running Count = The value of the running count adjusted to reflect the
number of aces rich or poor.
Administrative Principles = A branch of classical management theory concerned
with identified principles of planning, organizing, com­manding, coordinating,
and controlling in an effort to manage the entire organization.
American Roulette = Roulette wheel with two zeros, 0 and 00, with al­ternating
black and red numbers that follow un ordered and symmet­rical pattern with each
odd number placed exactly opposite the next higher even number.
American Service = Food is dished onto individual plates and served to guests.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) = Federal legislation passed in the I 990s
that requires public spaces, including casinos, to be ac­cessible and/or
user-friendly to people with handicaps.
Amortization = In accounting, a product cost that is written off or paid clown
over a period of time longer than a year.
Anchor Man = In blackjack, the last player who is to the immediate right of the
Anchor Slot = In blackjack, the player in the first position; the same as first
Angle = ( 1) An idea. (2) A cheating method.
Ante = In a card game, a wager placed before the first card is dealt. Any In
craps, the “any craps” wager.
Aperitif = A fortified wine flavored with one or more herbs and spices, usually
consumed before a meal.
Apron = A place on the roulette table in which chips are stored by the casino
when not in a tray.
Arm = A gambling operation backed or under the protection of organ­ized crime,
as in “the arm.”
Around the Corner = A protocol in cards by which the ace is permit­ted to link
the lowest and highest cards in a sequence such as queen, king, ace, deuce, two,
and so on.
Arrival Date = In lodging, the day guests plan to appear with the expectation of
a room being available for them.
Arrival Patterns = The patterns describing the number of customers arriving or
entering a system in a given period of time.
Assets Anything = a business owns that has monetary value.
Atlantic City = A community in New Jersey, United States, where gaming was
legalized in 1978 under strict regulations.
Atmosphere = The intertor of a facility, the decor, or the atmosphere that is
used to develop an image, differentiate the facility from its competitors, and
draw customers.
Atmospherics = A consumer behavior term that refers to the use of space and
physical features in a design to evoke eertuin effects in buyers.
Attack = When a gambler bets against the bank.
Attitudes/Opinions = The positive, neutral, or negative feelings a per son has
about macro issues regarding a company, institution, goods, services, the
economy, polities, and so on.
Auction = In chemin de fer, the bidding that takes place in order to decide who
will be the banker.
Audition = (1) A try out. (2) To deal for a supervisor with the hope of
obtaining a job.
Authority = The right to take action and utilize business resources. Authority
Acceptance Theory Chester Barnard’s theory of what au¬thority is and why people
do, or do not, accept it.
Autocratie Leader = Someone who relies on direct commands and uses position
authority as a management style with little input from others.
Autonomy = The degree to which the job allows individual freedom, independence,
and discretion in such activities as scheduling work and determining task
Average Daily Rate (ADR) = In lodging, the occupancy ratio derived by dividing
rooms revenue by the number of rooms sold.
Award Schedule Printed = schedule showing the payoffs and awards for a
particular game or mechanica) machine.
Ax = (1) When an employee is terminated or fired. (2) When the house takes its
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