Casino woorden met een C

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter C
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Cackle = In craps, to feign the shaking of dice when, in reality, they are ander control.
Cage = The highly controlled location of the casino cashier where transactions with players take place; operates like a bank.
Cage Credit = Player credit in currency or cheques issued at the casino eage after the completion of a marker or a counter check.
Calculators = Mathematicians, or odds men, who work in the calculations room at the racetrack.
Calibration Module = The part of the hardcount weight scale that provides for adjustment of the amount or number of coins to be counted.
Call = (1) The announcement of colors, numbers, changes, and wagers. (2) In poker, to end betting on a hand by covering the last gambler’s wager without raising it.
Call Bet = A verbal wager that is made known by players and is illegal in New Jersey.
Caller = In keno or bingo, the person who runs the game by handling the numbers and calling out or posting those selected.
Call-in Numbers = Predetermined numbers representing the running count; adjusted for aces in counts that require a side count of aces and allo used by the counter to summon a big player to his table. Cali Man Casino employee who runs the baccarat game.
Call Plays = In blackjack, used by teams of card counters. It is a verbal signal to the player of the team by the counter of the team indicating how much to bet and how to play the hand.
Canadian Buildup = A short change sequence in which the hustler causes the cashier to hand over fifty dollars extra in the process of changing small bills for a large one.
Cane In craps, = the curved stick used by the stickman to reclaim the dice after each throw.
Canned Sales Presentation = All or part of the sales presentation is memorized to a standard formula.
Cannibalize = A situation in which one organization’s brand takes customers away from one or more of the same company’s other brands.
Canoe = In roulette, a numbered or winning section of a roulette wheel in which the ball finally comes to rest after the spin.
Capped Dice = A cheating technique in craps by which the dice have been modified so that some lides are more rubbery or softer than oth¬ers and favor certain numbers.
Capping Bets = (1) When the dealer pays off a bet by placing the pay¬off on top of the original wager. (2) Illegally adding chips to a wager after the game is in progress.
Capping the Deck = Adding palmed cards to the top of the deck.
Capture Rate = (1) A term used in hotel food and beverage to describe the number of hotel guests who use the food and beverage outlets. (2) Business term referring to the portion of a market that is con¬trolled.
Card = (1) Basic device for many table games, including baccarat, blackjack, and poker, consisting of a stack or deck of fifty-two, made of laminated paper, and numbered on one side with a design on the other. (2) A funny person.
Card Counters = Intensely business-like players who closely track which cards have been dealt and adjust the size of their bets to reflect the extent to which the remaining cards are favorable or unfavorable to them.
Card Down Expression = directed to a Hoor person to indicate that a card has fallen off the table.
Card Eat = To spread to multiple hands in order to cause more cards to be dealt; usually done with small bets in minus counts.
Card Game = Games played with cards at a casino by which the casino receives a percentage rake-off or a timed buy-in from the operation of card games. In these cases, the casino is not a party to wagers.
Card Mechanic = A person who manipulates cards for cheating pur-poses.
Card Mob = Two or more card cheats working as a team
CarIbbean Stud Poker = This om is plotst’ on u twenty-one-type table and is based on five-curd mud poker with the added attraction of u progressive jackpot.
Carousel = In a casino, of slot machines with one or more attcndants in the middie. target Joint A plush casino catering to high rollers.
Carre (Square Bet) = In roulette, a het on four numbers whose boxes form a square on the table.
Corry = a Slug A cheating technique when a deck is shuffled without disturbing a particular group of cards, usually on the top or bottom.
Carte Blanche = (1) A player who has unlimited credit. (2) A hand of cards that contains no face cards.
Citrtwheel = A silver dollar.
Case Bet = A wager that includes all the money or chips that a player has remaining.
Case Card =(1) The one remaining card in the deck that will improve a player’s hand. (2) The last card of a suit or denomination still in the deck. (3) The last one of anything, as in case note; one’s last dollar.
Case Study = A research design that producer in-depth, qualitative in¬formation based on one or a few organizations.
Case Stuff = Any cheating method that is not well known, even among professionals.
Case the Deck = To remember many of the played and exposed cards during the play of a game.
Cash Bank = An amount of money given to a cashier or server at the start of each work shift so she can handle the various transactions that occur. This person is responsible for the cash bank and for all cash, checks, or other negotiable instruments received during the work shift.
Cash Budgets = Financial aid, which contains estimates of cash re-ceipts and cash expenditures for a period of time.
Cash Cow = A product or service that has a dominant position or a sizable market but limited growth potential, and which a company often uses as a cash subsidy for other products.
Cash Flow = Relates the amount and timing of revenuen received to the amount and timing of expenditures made during a specific time period.
Cashier = The casino employee who handles transactions in the cage.
Casino = Establishment where betting is allowed and is legal, and which may or may not contain other amenities such as bars, foodservice, lodging and so on. Also called house, joint, shop, store, toilet, and trap.
Casino Administrator = Person responsible for the policies and procedures of the casino.
Casino Advantage = The percent advantage or edge that the house has over the player in any game.
Casino Checks = The chips that actually have a value printed on them and can be exchanged at the cage for money.
Casino Chips = Roulette chips of no value at the cashier’s cage. These chips stay at the game and are exchanged for checks when the player leaves.
Casino Host = A casino employee who provides a personal service link between the casino and premium players.
Casino Hotel = A lodging facility that also contains gambling. Casino Manager Highest ranking person in the casino.
Casino Supervisor = Casino employee responsible for overseeing oneor more table games and can include floor persons and pit bosses.
Catches = The numbers picked by a gambler that come up on the keno or lottery boards.
Catering = Part of the food and beverage division of a hotel that is re¬sponsible for arranging and planning food and beverage functions forconventions, smaller hotel groups, and local banquets booked by the sales department.
Catwalk Concealed area,= usually a walkway, above the casino floor used for observing play on the casino floor, where the objective is security.
Caught Up = When management determines that a player owes money and cannot pay it, thus no longer has credit, as in “They caught up with him.”
Center Bet =( 1 ) In private eraf», a wager helween the shooter and the rader or (aders that Is placet! In the center of the playing surface. (2) In bank or casino craps, another name tbr proposition beis.
Century = One hundred dollars.
Change Attendant = Casino employee who has a casino-issued bank used to make change for slot customers.
Change Colors = To exchange one denomination of casino chips for another, thus changing the color of one’s chips.
Change Only = A call in the craps game to signify that the money thrown in by the player is not a bet; it is specifically for change
Cheat = Bottom dealer, also called a mechanic.
Check = (Checks) Casino chips that are nonmetallic gaming tokens used in place of currency in the casino and come in various denomi¬nations ranging from one to five thousand dollars:
$1.00 white
$2.50 pink
$5.00 red
$20.00 yellow
$25.00 green
$100.00 black
$500.00 purple
$1,000.00 orange
$5,000.00 gray
Check Change = Changing higher denomination checks for lower denominations.
Checker = Casino employee who monitors the shills to determine how many players they bring to the game.
Chip = (1) Token used instead of cash on all gaming tables and used to mark a bet. (2) A gambler with a lot of money. (3) The small elec¬tronic device that contains the computer program found in a slot ma-chine; made of etched silicon.
Chip Cup = A cheating technique that uses a stack of simulated chips,which is actually a hollow cup and is used to steal chips from the casino. Chip Float The dollar value of chips or cheques that are held by customers. Float is also calculated for slot tokens.
Clean Money = Checks taken from the dealer’s rack or tray for pay-ment purposes.
Clean Move = A well-executed cheating action. Clear (1) Not guilty of cheating. (2) Free of debt. Clip Cheat.
Clock = To keep track of the amount of money won and lost during a game.
Closed Cards = Cards dealt face down.
C-Note = One-hundred dollar bill.
Cocked Dice In craps =, when one or more dice stop on some surface other than the feit and, thus lie at an angle that makes it difficult to determine which die surface is pointing up.
Coercive Power In management,= the ability of a leader to administer punishment to subordinates, thus gaining power through fear.
Cognette In baccarat =, a slot in the table reserved for the bank’s win¬nings or cut of winnings.
Cognitive Dissonance = Postpurchase doubt; a feeling of anxiety that a buyer experiences after making a purchase.
Cohesiveness In groups,= particularly certain departments of a busi-ness, the strength of interpersonal attraction among members and the degree to which they are motivated to remain part of the group.
Coin-in = The amount of coins actually inserted into the coin slot or played off of the credit meter. Each machine has multiple electronic meters that are used to monitor the operation of the slot machine.
Cold Deck = (1) A deck or shoe unfavorable to the player. (2) A cheat¬ing technique by which the deck of cards has been arranged in a cer¬tain order for purposes of switching later for the deck in play.
Cold Dice = Dice that are not making the player’s point.
Cold Player = A gambler who is on a losing
Cold Turkey = streak or a run of bad lock. When the first two cards that are dealt are face cards.
Column Bet = In roulette, a bet on twelve vertical numbers on the lay- out. The winning unit is paid off at two-to-one odds.
Combination Bet = In roulette, a bet on more than one number using a single chip.
Combinations = Syndicate of gamblers.
Come Bet = In craps, the same as a pass-line wager.
Come-Out = Bet In craps, a bet made on a specific number or group of numbers that the number or one of the group will be thrown on the next roll of the dice.
Come-Out Roll = In craps, the first roll after a pass-line decision that establishes the point.
Come Up = A chance or number comes up when it veins.
Coming in One High = A cheating technique used by a dealer to short a player on the payoff by secretly transferring a chip from the player’s wager to the payoff stack.
Coming Out = In craps, when the stickman informs the players that thedice are ready to be thrown, which is a warning that all bets must be placed immediately.
Commission = A percentage or fee charged by the casino on some bets or games and monitored by the dealer using plastic markers or lam¬mers placed in a specific area of the layout that correspond to the player’s numbered seats. In baccarat, it is 5 percent.
Crap Out = In craps, to roll a two, three, or twelve on the first roll and lose.
Craps = (1) Table game using two dice, each with spots representing the numbers one through six. (2) In the game of craps, when a two, three, or twelve are rolled.
Craps Crew = Four dealers assigned to a single craps game.
Craps Dealer = A casino employee who is in charge of the collection and payoff of wagers.
Crap Shoot = (Craps Shoot) Any venture in which the result is un-known and, thus, is a gamble.
Craps Hustler = A player who takes advantage of novices by placing craps bets at less than correct odds.
Credit = (1) The custom in casinos by which gamblers are allowed tobet without money if they agree to repay all losser they might incur.(2) In accounting, an entry on the right side of an account.
Credit Limit = The maximum amount of credit that casino manage ment authorizes a player to receive.
Credit Manager = Casino employee who determines how much credit to allow a given player.
Credit Play = Wagering based on the issuance of credit and documented by the completion of a credit instrument (marker).
Credit Slip = Voucher or printed form that, when completed, accounts for the value of chips taken away from a table.
Crimp = A cheating move in which the corner of cards are bent so they can be identified later.
Croupier = A French word or term for gaming table employees. Cubes Dice.
Cucumber = An especially inexperienced green, or novice
Cull Cheating = technique in cards in which certain cards aresucker. sorted out of the deck for later use.
Culture = A group of people sharing a distinctive heritage or back-ground, such as corporate culture.
Cup = Container in which dice are shaken; often made from leather. Curator In baccarat, the player whose turn it is to deal.
Currency = Coins and paper money,
Currency Acceptor = A device that allows the slot machine to accept currency; a bill validator
Customer Service = A management term referring to the policies set by the corporation and the extent to which the employees may go to satisfy the customers.
Cut = In card games, splitting the deck into two piles and putting them back together in a different order; signifies an unbiased shuffie.
Cut a Line = To divide the proceeds of a gambling scam equally be-tween two or more people.
Cut Card = A divider; usually a solid piece of plastic put into the deck or the shoe to designate when the cards will be shuffled next.
Cut Cheques = When a dealer holds a stack of chips in one hand and uses his index finger to create a series of equal stacks; also calledthumb cut or drop cut.
Cut Edge Dice = A method of cheating in which the edges of each die are cut or shaved to larger and smaller angles so the dice fall in the direction of the larger cut.
Cut In = A cheating technique in craps in which other dice are switched for those in play.
Cut Into = Matching a stack of a certain color of chips with another stack of the same color.