Casino woorden met een R

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter R
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze translator drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Rabbit = (1) A person who scares easily. (2) A sucker.
Rabbit Ears = A term used to describe the two tubes into which the winning balls are blown on a keno game; the tubes allow the numbers on the balls to be displayed to players as well as employees.
Race Book = A business that accepts wagers on horse, or other, races.
Rack = A piece of equipment for the tables that is a rectangular metal tray containing the table checks and silver, and lies flat in the middle of the table next to the dealer.
Rack Rate = A hotel term that refers to the standard or full-price ratel established by the property.
Raffle = A lottery.
Rail = (1) A casino term referring to the carpeted area bordering the gaming tables. (2) In roulette, the wheel groove on which the bal) spins.
Railbird = A thief who steals unaware players’ gaming chips from the edge, or “rail,” of the table.
Raise = In poker, when a player bets more than the previous player and forces all opponents to match the higher stakes or drop out of the game. Rake Croupier’s stick.
Rake-Off = A percentage taken by the casino as a commission from customers playing poker.
Random Distribution = A mathematica’ probability in which every-thing has an equal opportunity to be selected.
Random Number Generator = A statistical process in which each number has an equal probability of being selected by a computer; often used in slot machines.
Rank = The face value of a card.
Rat Hole = A cheater’s place to hide illegally obtained chips or money. Rating A casino term referring to the measure of a player’s potential value as a casino customer for the purpose of allocating complimentaries .
Rating Slip = (1) A sheet that indicates a player’s activity for comps. (2) A record of a dealer’s performance.
Ratio = Analysis Financial data expreseed in the form of a comparison in order to evaluate organizational performance.
Rats = Dice.
Readable Dealer = A casino term for a dealer whose hole card can be spotted by a person in a casino.
Readers = A cheater’s glasces or lenses used to read marked cards. Ready a Tray A casino term referring to the way dealers organize the tray so that a supervisor can count the content of the chip tray from a distance.
Ready = Up Prepare.
Real Dough = Large quantity of money.
Red = In roulette, a bet paying one to one.
Red-Dog = A casino table game in which players bet that the third card drawn falls between the values of two previously drawn cards.
Reds = Five-dollar table cheques or chips.
Reel Strip Listing = Arrangement of the symbols and spaces on the slot machine reel strips.
Reel Strip Settings = In casinos, the payout percentages that are preset in the slot machines.
Reel Timing = In slots, a player’s attempt to time the spin of the reels and set them in motion so that they come to rest in desired positions.
Reference Groups = In consumer behavior, groups that set behavior standards to which other individuals adhere.
Registration = The procedure when an incoming guest signs the forms to contract for their stay.
Reg 6-A = The Federal Banking Secrecy Act of 1985, which requires casinos to record and get positive identification from all players buying in more than $10,000 in a twenty-four-hour period.
Regulation = The government laws or mies designed to change the behavior of firms or organizations.
REIT = An abbreviation for real estate investment trust.
Relationship Marketing = Emphasizes the importance of building long-term relationships with individual customers and with other organizations in the distribution chain.
Relay = A person who transmits signals from one person to another in a casino.
Reliability = (1) A research design question referring to the likelihood that the results can be duplicated again, with similar results. (2) The way a product or service fulfills its intended function.
Relief Dealer = A casino term referring to the new dealer who takes the place of the table dealer so she can take a break.
Rembrandt = A card cheater who specializes in daubing the cards during play.
Renege = Refuse to pay a wager or debt.
Reorder Point = Point at which an item needs to be reordered so as not to run out of it before the next delivery is received.
Repositioning = Using various promotional programs and physical changes in the product/service mix to change the image of an organ¬ization or product in customers’ minds.
Research Design = Plan for a study that guides the collection and analy¬sis of the data.
Research Process = A sequence of steps in the design and implemen¬tation of an experiment.
Reservation = An agreement between a guest and a business to hold a specific type of room or table for a specified date and length of time. Resources A strategie management term referring to the organization’s people, capital, technology, clients, and time.
Respin (1) In roulette, where the ball rolls on the wheel. (2) On a big six wheel, when the dapper stops on top of a peg, requiring a second spin.
Responsible Gaming = Strategies employed by the gaming entertain¬ment industry to mitigate pathological and underage gambling, includ¬ing prevention, education, and awareness programs for employees, customers, and local communities.
Responsibilities = An employee’s assigned tanks, duties, and obliga-tions to achieve expected performance results.
Restructuring = A strategie management term referring to alter-ations in the organizational chart for more efficient distribution of resources.
Result Player = A gambler who tells you how you should have made your bet or play after the decision has been made.
Retail = A type of business that involves the majority of the sale of goods and services directly to consumers for their personal, family, or household use.
Return = In gambling, the percentage of total money that is paid out to the customers.
Return on Assets (ROA) = A financial performance ratio based on net sales, net profits, and total assets.
Return on Investment (ROI) = A financial ratio that compares net income to stockholders’ equity.
Revenue = (1) A financial term referring to the money earned by a business operation or income. (2) From the casino point of view, col-lective losser of gamblers.
Revolutions = A casino term referring to each time a wheel or reel spins one complete circle.
Rev Par = Revenue per available room.
Reward Power = A management term referring to the ability of a man¬ager to distribute bonuses.
RFB = A casino term for the ultimate comp: free room, meals, and drinks.
Rhythm Play = The method used hy players to attempt to control the slot machine combinations hy carefully timing the pull of the handle.
Rich = A card counter’s term referring to a shoe with a larger than nor- mal percentage of a certain value of cards present.
Rich Environment = A service setting, environment, or servicescape in which more information is available for processing by guests.
Ride (the Action) = A victim tolerates a hustler’s cheating actions without complaining because he is unaware that anything dishonest is happening.
Rien Ne Va Plus = In roulette, the croupier’s call that ends betting on one spin of the wheel.
Riffle = A dealer’s term referring to a method of shuffling cards by dividing the deck in two and intermingling the two sections.
Rig = A cheating maneuver to fix or prearrange a game’s outcome.
Right Bettor = In craps, when a player bets the shooter will make his point.
Ring In = To introduce crooked gaming equipment into a game.
Ring in One’s = Nose To be losing heavily and betting high, hoping to get even.
Rip = A cheating maneuver to switch dice.
Rip and Tear = To cheat without fear of the consequences. Ripe (1) Ready to make a Joan. (2) Novice primed to be taken. Rip In In craps, to switch dice into a game.
Risk = Conditions in which the decision maker has to estimate the likelihood of certain outcomes.
Risk of Ruin = The probability that the gambler will tap out or lose his entire bankroll within a defined period or before achieving a speci¬fied goal.
Riverboat = A type of casino that floats on water.
ROA = An abbreviation for return on assets.
Road Hustler = A cheat who travels around looking for a game.
Road Mob = A team of card or dice cheats who travel around the coun¬try looking for games to cheat in.
Rob = To cheat the players in a game of chance. Rock A player who refuses to lend money. Rod Handgun.
ROI = An abbreviation for return on investments
Role = A sociological term referring to a set of behavior patterns ex-pected of soineone occupying a given position in a social unit (e.g., the role of the breadwinner of a family is to bring home the money).
Roll = (1) A criminal move to steal from a person while they are asleep or intoxicated. (2) In craps, the throwing of the dice.
Roller = (1) In cards, the weight that holds the cards against the shoe. (2) Player or gambler (high roller = big gambler).
Rolling Full Bloom = Fast paced, high stakes game.
Rolling the Bones = A player’s term for shooting craps.
Rolling the Deck = A method of cheating at blackjack whereby the dealer secretly turns the deck over so the used face-up cards on the bottom are redealt.
Roll Over = (1) Slang for a criminal partner who tells the police what she knows. (2) In accounting, when an investment such as a certificate of deposit comes due and is automatically reinvested. (3) In casino accounting, paying off old markers with newly issued credit instruments.
Room Occupancy = Percentage A key operating ratio for hotels that is calculated by finding the number of rooms occupied and dividing by rooms available.
Rooms Division = A hotel department that includes the front office, reservations, telephone switchboard, housekeeping, uniformed service departments and functions.
Rope = Cheat.
Rope In = A scam artist’s term for luring a mark into a swindle. Roper A hustler who recruits victims for gambling scams. Roscoe Handgun.
Rotation = The direction a wheel is spun.
Rouge = In roulette, a bet on red.
Rouge et Noir = French casino game; also called Trente et Quarante or Thirty and Forty.
Rough It Up = A gambling term meaning to bet heavily.
Roulette = A casino table game in which players bet on one or a combination of thirtyeight numbers, in which a small white ball is spun against a horizontal rotating wheel and it lands on the winning number.
Round = To cause someone to turn around to keep him from seeing a cheating move performed by one’s partner.
Royal Flush = In poker, the highest possible hand that includes a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, all in the same suit.
Rubber Band = A management system of assigning dealers to table games after the break when the dealers are not assigned a specific table.
Rug Joint = A plush gambling house.
Rule = An explicit statement that dictates what is acceptable. Rumble To discover crooked dealings.
Run = Length of time.
Run Down = Small, regulation-sized stacks of cheques; easily counted from a distance.
Runners = In keno, the casino personnel who pick up a customer’s ticket and wager from anywhere in the casino hotel and take it to the keno booth.
Running Count = A card counter’s cumulative value of all cards played at any given time; based on a preassigned value for each card.
Running Flat = For any gambling establishment, to be operating crookedly.
Run of the House = A hotel term to guarantee a farm price that applies to any room in the house.
Runt = In poker, a hand of less than one pair.
Run Up = To rearrange the cards while shuffling them so that a favor¬able hand will fall to one of the players.
Russian Service = Restaurant service in which the entrée, vegetables, and starches are served from a platter onto the diner’s plate by a waiter.