Casino woorden met een H

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter H
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Hand = (1) In a card game like blackjack, the player’s cards. (2) In craps, the total length of time and number of rolls for one shooter from the come-out roll.
Handicapper = Track official who assigns weights to certain horses in a race.
Handicap Room = In lodging, a guest room with special features designed to meet the needs of handicapped guests.
Handle = Total amount of money that continually changes hands through a series of bets before it is actually won or lost.
Handle Slamming = A cheating technique at the slot machines in which the cheat tries to control the reel combination that comes up by first pulling the handle and then slamming it back upward.
Hand Mucker = A cheating move in cards in which the perpetrator paims or switches the cards he has been dealt.
Hand Off = A cheating technique in which the dealer secretly transfers chips to an associate who is posing as a player.
Hand Signal = When a player uses her hand to inform the dealer whether or not she wants another card.
Hanger = A cheating technique in which the dealer does not drop paper money all the way into the box, leaving a corner exposed with the expectation of retrieving it later; also called earring.
Hang the Flag = A signal from a casino cheat to his partners that no cheating should take place at the moment because of heavy surveillance.
Hard Count = The process of counting the coins and tokens removed from the slot machine drop buckets through the use of a weight scale or coin counter; pertbrined by designated count personnel, also known as a munt team, in a secured room that is monitored by surveillance cameras.
Hard-Count Room = The secured room used to weigh, wrap, record, and verify the contents of the slot drop buckets. The hard count room can also act as a storage facility for the casino cage.
Hard Hand (Hard Total) = In blackjack, a hand that does not include tin ace, or in which an ace can only be valued as one if the total of the hand is not to exceed twenty-one.
Hard Opening = When a complete operation is totally functional at the huur of inauguration of the property.
Hard Rock = (1) In poker, a tight player. (2) A gambler who refuses to leed money. (3) A player who is difficult to beat.
Hard Way = In craps, the numbers four, six, eight, and ten made by !laving the dice come up as a pair (e.g., 2 fives to make ten rather than a six and a four).
Has a Sign on His Back = Gambler who is known on sight by the casinos and is regarded as a cheater.
Hawking the Dice = A base dealer on one end of the table looking at the roll of the dice on the opposite end. (This is not permitted.)
Hay = Money or chips.
Head = (1) In roulette, the part of the wheel that spins and fits into the bowl. (2) The restroom.
Head Count = Number of people.
Head On = When a player is alone at the table and is playing against the dealer.
Head to Head = Playing alone with the dealer as the only player at the table.
Heart = Courage, fortitude, or “guts.”
Heat = (1) In blackjack, statements by casino employees that suggest to players that they are suspected of card counting. (2) Heavy surveil¬lance that tends to reduce cheating. (3) Close scrutiny, pressure, or criticism of the dealer by bosses.
Heavy Hand = A hand of cards that, unbeknown to others, has more cards than it should have.
Heel = (1) A stingy gambler. (2) A jerk. (3) To separate a wager made with more than one color of chip. (4) To place one cheque of a marker on top of another cheque angled in the direction of the player.
Heel Peek = A method of secretly glimpsing at the top card of the deck by lifting the inner corner of the card with the base of the th utnb; al so used when dealing out of the shoe before exposing a card.
Heist = A deck of cards altered so that cards with high numerical values can be controlled.
Hierarchy = In management, the division of authority among levels of management.
Hierarchy of Effect Model = The sequence of steps a consumer goes through, in reacting to promotion, that leads them from awareness to knowledge to liking to preference to conviction to purchase.
High Limit = Playing with higher stakes
High/Low = In craps, a split bet on two and twelve.
High-Low Pickup = A method of cheating at blackjack that involves picking up the discards in a high-low alternating order.
High-Low Splitters = A pair of misspotted dice that has only the num¬bers 1, 2, and 3, whereas the other has only the numbers 4, 5, and 6; used by the house to beat the player who bets on the field at craps.
High Roller = (High Stakes Gambler) A premium player; anyone able and willing to spend five-thousand dollars or more in a weekend of gambling. (There are an estimated 35,000 high rollers in the world.)
Hipster = Someone who has a good knowledge of odds and percent-ages, or of cheating and cheating devices.
Hit = In blackjack, to request another card from the dealer.
Hit and Run = To win quickly and then leave the game. Hit It To make the desired point or number.
Hits Dice = gaffed so as to favor the shooter.
Hit the Boards = (1) To leave or depart. (2) In craps, when the stickman asks the shooter to be sure to throw the dice against the rail.
Hitting Hand = A two-card hand with the value of eleven or less requiring an additional card or cards to complete the hand.
Hold = Proportion of player outlays retained by the house after redeeming chips and slot machine tokens.
Hold Check = A check received from a player as payment on a casino receivable and which the player requests are held for a specified pe¬riod of time before it is deposited. The casino may return the marker to the player at this time, and the check will become the instrument supporting the receivable balance.
Holdout = A cheating technique in which cards are kept out of play with the plan of later switching them for cards that have been dealt.
Holdout Artist = A gambler or cheat who, when calculating the score or dividing the amount of winnings with her partner or partners, says that her winnings are less so she can pocket the difference.
Holdout Man = A card cheat who specializes in palming cards to take them out of play and then reintroduces valuable cards into a game by means of palming.
Holdout Shoe = A blackjack shoe that has been gaffed so as to allow the dealer to deal seconds whenever he wishes.
Holdout Table = A card table that has been elaborately gaffed so as to conceal a card until the cheat wishes to retrieve it.
Hold Percentage = The amount of money won by the casino expressed as a percentage of the amount of money or credit exchanged for gam¬ing chips (the drop).
Hole Card = (1) A card dealt face down or concealed in blackjack or poker. (2) In blackjack, the dealer’s bottom card usually dealt face down.
Hole Card Play = Any of a number of cheating techniques in blackjack in which the cheat fries to catch a glimpse of the dealer’s hole card.
Hook = A half point in a bet on a sporting event that eliminates a tie, as in “I’ve got the Raiders by a hook.”
Hooked = To lose money.
Hop = A cheating technique in which cards are brought back to their original order after being cut by another player.
Hop Bet = In craps, a one-roll bet that may be bet at any time on a spe¬cific combination of the dice. A hardway pays 31 to 1 and a two-way combination pays 15 to 1. These are placed in front of the boxperson.
Hopper = A device within the slot machine that holds a predetermined amount of coin used to pay out player winnings.
Hopper Fill Slip = A document that is used to record the replenish-ments of the coins in the hopper that is required as a result of payouts to players; indicates the amount of coin placed into the hoppers, as well as the signaturen of the employees involved in the transaction, the machine number and location, and the date.
Horizon = In lodging, the future time frame for which a reservation is accepted.
Horizontal Integration = Having representation in the multiple sectors of the market place. May be achieved by purchasing or developing a midscale hotel chain or an all-suite or economy chain, so the corpo¬ration has representation in each price range.
Host = Casino employee whose job it is to ensure that valued or rated players are satisfied with the casino and its services; also handles some marketing, promotions, invitations to special events, and so on.
Hot = (1) In craps, when dice rolls produce more passes than misses. (2) In a card game, when the deck or shoe is favorable to the player.
Hot Deck = A deck or shoe favorable to the player.
Hot Number = A number that has a better chance of being hit than any other number.
Hot Player = A player on a winning streak.
Hot Score = The profits of a gambling stam when accompanied by an argument from the victim.
Hot Seat = Game A card game in which every player is part of the cheating group except for one unsuspecting victim.
House = Casino, casino employees, casino’s funds or bank.
House Advantage = (Percentage) Mathematical winning edge that the casino gives itself by manipulating the rules of the games to ensure profitability.
House Dealer = Dealer who is winning
House Limit = A credit limit established by the casino or hotel.
House Numbers = In roulette, the zero and double zero which, when they come up, allow a profit for the casino in all even money bets.
HRIS = An abbreviation for human resources information system.
Hub = (1) In computers, a central location for processing before the in¬formation is dispersed. (2) In transportation, a central terminal from which all transportation leaves and returns.
Human Capital = The stock of technical skill and knowledge embod¬ied in a region’s work force, resulting from formal education and on-the-job training.
Human Resources = The department that focuses on the people in the organization.
Human Resources Information System (HRIS) = An integrated, computerized system designed to provide information to be used in making personnel decisions.
Hunch Player = A gambler who bets impulsively with little knowledge of the game.
Hustler = A person who cheats at gambling.
Hustling = Actions that induce a gift or a tip.
Hypothesis = A tentative answer to a research problem expreseed in the form of a relation between independent and dependent variables.
Hypster = A cheater who specializes in shortchanging cashiers.