Casino woorden met een L

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter L
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Labor Cost Percentage = Similar to food cost percentage, except it relates to labor; the formula is labor costs divided by net sales multiplied by 100.
Labor Force = (or Supply) The availability of trained and willing workers in a region to fill organizational positions.
Labor Intensive = Relying on a large work force to meet the needs of guests.
Lace = In baccarat, a technique for mixing the cards after the shuffle.
Ladder Man = Casino employee who sits on a high stool or platform to oversee and supervise the game.
Lammer = (1) Small disc used to show the value of a chip or check. (2) Signify the use of credit. (3) Someone who is running away, usually from the law.
Lammer Button = Similar in appearance to a chip; placed on the table to indicate the amount of chips given on credit to a player for wagering purposes prior to the completion of a marker; also referred to as a marker button.
LAN = An abbreviation, in computers, for a local area network of computers.
Land-Based Casino = A casino that is totally constructed and physically supported on the land, rather than on water.
Larceny = The inclination to take advantage of a dishonest opportunity when it comes along.
Las Vegas Strip = The street in Las Vegas named Las Vegas Boulevard, the largest gaming area in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Late Bet = In roulette, placing a winning wager after the call has been made for no more bets.
Law of Demand = Theory that consumers usually purchase more units at a low price than at a high price.
Lay and Pay = Approach of turning over a player’s cards or taking wagers followed by gathering all the used cards at once, as in “Most of the joints are lay and pay.”
Lay Bet = In craps, a wager that seven will roll before the number wagered on; a house commission is charged on the true dice odds amount that could be won.
Lay Down = A bet or wager.
Layoff = A wager made by one race or sports book at another in order to reduce the amount of risk that results from having accepted too much in wagers on one side of a particular event.
Layout = (1) The feit covering of a table for games such as blackjack or roulette, which contains designations for the betting areas, usually in green, sometimes in red, rarely in blue, and imprinted in white. (2) Internal design.
Leader Pricing = A form of promotional pricing in which one or more services or products is offered for a short time at a price below its actual cost.
Leadership = In management, an activity that consists of influencing other people’s behavior, individual and as a group, toward the achievement of desired objectives.
Leads = Prospective clients.
Leak = To fail to completely hide a cheating move such as allowing a palmed card to show between the cheat’s fingers.
Lean Environment = A service setting, environment, or servicescape requiring that guests process relatively little information; used when guests are generally unfamiliar with the environment.
Legal Tie = (1) In blackjack, when a dealer’s count is the same as the player’s count. (2) In poker, when two players have the same ranking hand.
Legit Game = An honest game.
Le Grand = In baccarat, when two cards total nine.
Let It Ride = To replay a winning bet including the original bet and the winnings.
Levels = Any honest gaming equipment, particularly dice.
Leverage = Financial concept that compares the proportion of funds provided internally to those proved by external creditors.
Liabilities = Financial term that refers to debts owed by a firm.
Liberty Bell = The first slot machine invented in San Francisco in 1895 by Charles Fey, a twenty-nine year-old mechanic and the first slot machine operator in America.
Licensee = Any person to whom a valid gaming license is used.
Lid = The cover that is placed over the tray or rack on a table game and is locked.
Life Cycle = The useful life of a product in a given market that includes the stages of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.
Lifestyles = The ways in which individual consumers and families or households live and spend time and money.
Light = (1) Any device that allows the cheat to observe the cards as she deals them; same as a glim. (2) Insufficient amount. (3) Weak.
Light = Bet A wager that is below the table minimum. Light Work Altered cards marked with very fine lines. Limit Maximum or minimum bet allowed.
Limited Stakes Gaming = A type of gaming in which the maximum bet is five dollars on any gaming device.
Limit Play = When either money or checks are being played to the posted table limit.
Line = Amount of credit a player has with the casino.
Linear Programming = Mathematical aid for decision makers who wish to maximize some desired objective or minimize some unde¬sired result, subject to limitations.
Line Bet = (1) In roulette, a bet on six numbers in two rows of three numbers each running across the layout; the payoff is five to one odds. (2) In craps, same as the pass-line bet.
Line Bus = In casinos, the bus program in which the carriers charge a fare and organize it.
Line Work = On altered cards, additional small spots, curlicues, or lines added to the back design of the cards so that they can be read by the cheat.
Liquidity Ratios = Financial ratios that indicate the capability of an organization to pay its debts.
Live One = A player with money.
Load = In craps, a method of cheating in which weight is placed inside the dice to alter the characteristics.
Loader = Careless dealer who shows the hole card while dealing.
Location Play = Memorizing a group of cards in sequence so that when one of the cards appears during the game, the cheat will know that the valued ones are about to follow.
Locked Up = When a dealer has to work a game for Jonger than normal without a break.
Locus of Control = An organizational theory term that refers to a per¬sonality attribute that measures the degree to which people believe they are masters of their own fate.
Long Bet = A wager that exceeds the table limit.
Long Green = Cash; paper money.
Looking for Action = A gambler looking for a game.
Lookout = A casino employee who acts as an observer of the Hoor or games to ensure smooth operation through surveillance.
Loose = (1) In slot machines, a unit with a high payback rate. (2) A person with low morals or one who is promiscuous.
Lottery = In gaming, a randomized drawing from a pool, usually of sold tickets.
Low Belly Strippers = A marked deck of cards in which the edges of the high cards are concave rather than straight, making it possible for the cheat to cut to a low or high card.
Low Roller = A person who makes one- and two-dollar bets; also known as grinds, suckers, or tinhorns. opposite of highroller casino player
Luck = (1) The inexplicable. (2) Anything not due to skill, statistics, or science.
Lugger = An individual who delivers gamblers to a game.
Luminous Readers = A cheating technique in cards in which a substance is placed on the backs of the cards that can only be seen through special tinted glasses.