Casino woorden met een S

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter S
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze translator drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Sabot = A piece of equipment on table games called a dealing shoe. Sabre Name of a commonly used airline reservation system.
Salary = An accounting term referring to a consistent payment for work rendered.
Sales Promotion = A paid marketing communication that stimulates short-term consumer purchases.
Salle Privée = In Europe, a private salon in the casino reserved for high-stakes games.
Sandbag Poker = A betting technique in which two players have a third in between them and keep raising without any consideration for the middle player.
Sand Work = A cheater’s method of marking the backs of cards with very fine sandpaper.
Satisficing = A type of management decision process in which the adopted decision meets previously established minimum criteria, even when further research might reveal a better alternative.
Sawbuck = Ten dollars.
Sawdust Joint = Low budget or low roller casino.
Saw Tooth Edge Work = Dice that have been galled by placing small cuts on certain edges to retard the roll of the dice when they roll over these edges and thereby affect the odds.
SBU = An abbreviation for strategic business unit.
Scalar Principle = Concept that organizations should have a chain of authority and communication that runs from top to bottom and should be followed by managers and subordinates.
Scam = A method for cheating a gambling opponent.
Score = (1) A dealer’s term for a bigger than normal tip night. (2) In general, a gambler’s term for winning big. (3) In craps, to win. (4) Slang term for buying illegal drugs. (5) A cheater’s term for the proceeds of a con game.
Score a Big = Touch To cheat a player out of a large amount of money.
Scratch = (1) Money. (2) In blackjack, the scraping motion of the cards a player uses to request a hit or take another card.
Screen Out = To cover up or misdirect attention away from a crooked gambling move.
SDS System = A computerized slot tracking system in which the player inserts a plastic card into a “reader” to record how long he plays and how much money he deposits into the machine to get credit for his playing time.
Seat of the Pants = Slang for making decisions based on intuition.
Seasonal Variations = A management term referring to the fluctua-tions of a variable that occur regularly during a yearly cycle.
Secondary Data = A statistical term referring to information that is not gathered for the immediate study at hand but for some other purpose.
Second Base = In a table game, the name of the position of the player sitting near the center of the table.
Second Dealer = A dealer who deals the second card from the deck when she appears to be dealing the top card.
Seconds = A cheating move when a dealer does not deal the top cards from the deck.
Security = (1) Casino “police.” (2) The department that controls and protects the casino from crimes. (3) Protection of all people who are legitimately on the firm’s property from bodily harm caused by the deliberate behavior of another person.
Security Monitor = A closed-circuit television monitor that allows employees to monitor security and safety throughout the property from a central location.
Self-Actualization = A psychological term referring to reaching one ‘s ultimate potential through the use of personal skills and creative talents.
Self-Concept = A psychological term referring to the attitude a person holds toward him- or herself; for example, a person with a great deal of confidence in his abilities will be more likely to try new games such as moving from slots to the tables.
Self-Esteem Needs = A psychological term referring to a motivational need to feel good about oneself.
Semantic Differential = A rating scale that measures the respondent’s reaction to some object or concept in terms of rating on bipolar scales defined with contrasting adjectives at each end.
Seniority = A term that refers to how long a person has been working for the company.
Sensor = A device that senses a specific change in its environment and transmits a signal so that some predetermined action can take place (e.g., a motion sensor can be used to detect any action in the money vault).
Sent It = In A gambling term referring to a bet against the house for large and/or frequent amounts of money.
Sequence = (1) In card playing, the order of rank in the cards. (2) In general, any chain of events and consequences.
Seven-Out = In craps, rolling a seven after the initial throw, which be¬comes the shooter’s losing point.
Seven Winner = In craps, a total of seven thrown by the shooter prior to her establishment of a pass-line point.
Shade = A con artist’s term for a cover or distraction for a scam. Shading A method of marking the backs of cards by delicately shading them with a dilute solution of marking ink, which is the samecolor as the ink already printed on the backs.
Shakeouts = According to product life cycle theory, when a product reaches its maturity age, there are too many competitors, thus a shake- out occurs that reduces the number, and only the strong survive.
Shape = A cheating technique that cuts down the die.
Shaping Behavior = A psychological term referring to systematically reinforcing each successive step that moves an individual closer to the desired response; for example, a person riding a bus to the casino is rewarded for getting on the bus with free twenty-dollar chips; she puts the chips into the slot machine and is rewarded with a payout; she puts her own money in and is rewarded with a payout.
Shark = (1) Any money loaner who charges exorbitant fees. (2) A skilled player who cheats.
Sharp = (1) Confident person. (2) Dapper or clothed in sartorial splendor.
Sharper = A card cheat or superior player who takes advantage of novices.
Shaved = A cheater’s term for trimmed or altered dice.
Shell = An engineering term for the basic structural elements of a build¬ing, including the outside and supporting walls, foundation, frame, and roof.
Shield = In roulette, the glass surrounding the wheel that protects the public from flying balls.
Shill = A casino term for an employee who sits down at an empty table and acts as a player to help get the game started.
Shimmy = Chemin de fer.
Shiner = A cheater’s device; refers to a small mirror that reflects the face of the top card of the deck as it is dealt.
Shoe = In baccarat and blackjack, the container that stores the undealt cards.
Shoe Game = Either four- or six-deck blackjack using a shoe.
Shoot In craps,= a completed round in which the shooter makes or fails to make the point.
Shooter In craps,= a term referring to the player who is throwing the dice.
Shooting from the Hip = A slang expression that refers to making a decision spontaneously.
Shortage = An accounting term referring to when the total of cash and checks in the cash register drawer is less than the initial bank plus net cash receipts.
Shortcake = Shortchange.
Short Horn = In craps, small bet on the horn.
Shortpay = A payout made by a slot machine that is less than the amount indicated by the payout schedule; occurs when the hopper becomes depleted during a payout; the remaining amount is paid to the player by slot employees.
Short Shoe In blackjack, the shoe with a number of cards removed from the decks used; alters the percentage against the players.
Shot = An illegal move by a player.
Showdown = In poker, after all bets are made, revealing the final hand.
Shuttle = In card games, the randomizing process of the cards before play starts.
Shuttle Check = When the dealer is done shuffling a shoe, some housen require a shuffle check: the dealer leaves the cards laced, and the Hoorperson approves the shuffle before the shoe is loaded.
Shuttle Tracking = In card games, the process by which a card player weis to follow certain cards as they are shuffled in order to identify when they are I ikely to appear in the reshuffled deck.
Shy = (1) A slang term for owing money. (2) A slang term for being
short = on cash.
Shylock = An individual who loans money to players who are broke.
Shyster = Inexpensive, unscrupulous lawyer.
Sic-Bo = Oriental table game played with three dice; the objective is to select the individual numbers, or combination of numbers, that appear on the dice after they are shaken in a cup and exposed by the house dealer. Side Bet In craps, a bet made between players or onlookers for the results of a particular throw of the dice.
Side Game = A casino term for a less important and relatively lightly played game in a casino.
Silver = Silver dollars or one-dollar gaming tokens.
Silver Tongue = (1) High-class con man. (2) Convincing talker. Simulcasting The simultaneous transmission of sporting events pro¬viding the bettor with the opportunity to bet on more than one game,or race, at a time.
Single Action = Numbers Bet A bet on one digit.
Single-Deck = A blackjack game played with one deck (52 cards) and almost always handheld by the dealer.
Singles = One-dollar checks.
Single-0 = (1) A con man’s term for working alone. (2) In roulette, the
single = zero on the wheel.
Site Inspection = Previewing of a site (usually a convention center or hotel) to determine its suitability for the event/function/meeting being planned.
Six-Ace Flats = A gambling term for a pair of corrupted dice.
Sixaine = In roulette, the term for a six-number bet (two horizontal rows with three numbers each).
Sixes = In craps, a craps twelve that is when both die show six spots up.
Sixty Days = In craps, the six point.
Size = The numerical value of a card, disregarding the suit; primarily used in regard to marked cards.
Size-Into = A quick way of accounting at the table in which the dealer pushes a stack of cheques up to a shorter stack of cheques and takes the excess off so both stacks are equal.
Skinner = A cheat.
Skinny Dugan = In craps, a loser seven.
Sky (1) = A security term referring to the area above the main casino in which play is observed through one-way minors and video equip¬ment. (2) A casino term referring to the employee(s) assigned to work in the sky area; short for eye-in-the-sky or casino surveillance.
Slambang = A gambling term for heavy, quick action.
Sleeper = (1) A gambling term referring to an unclaimed bet, wager, orpart of a wager forgotten by a player. (2) A gambling term referring to a number that has not come up for a long time.
Slick Cup = A cheater’s tool that is a dice cup with a polished inside surface to facilitate the effectiveness of loaded dice.
Slick Dice = A cheater’s dice that have been altered to have smooth sides and rough sides.
Slickers = Professional gamblers.
Slide Shot = A dice mechanic ‘s technique for controlling the roll of one or two dice.
Slot Booth = A booth in the slot area operated by a cashier who is re¬sponsible for making change for slot customers, redeeming coin, conducting hopper fill transactions, and making jackpot payouts.
Slot Drop = In casinos, the amount of coins collected in the bucket inside a cabinet underneath the slot machine.
Slot Handle = In casinos, the amount of money deposited into the ma¬chine by the customer.
Slots = An abbreviation for slot machines, which are the mechanical or computerized game machines.
Slot Win = The amount of win in the slot department for a given shift usually recorded by amount and percentage of the coins dropped in the machines.
Slow = Play In poker, a strategic technique of placing a small bet as an opener, then if challenged, coming back with a large reraise.
Slow the Joint = To close down a gambling game or gambling house. Slug (1) In slot play, a cheater’s false coin or chip. (2) In cards, agroup of cards arranged by cheats for a desired result. (3) A cheater’s device of a metal weight used to lood dice.
Smack = (the) A gambling short con built around a game of matching coins.
Smart = A gambler’s term referring to someone who knows the score.
Smart Money = An intelligent gambler.
Snake-Eyes = In craps, a throw of two aces (ones).
Snapper = (1) In blackjack, a hand in which the first two cards are an ace and ten count, and pay one and a half times the bet. (2) A slangterm for blackjack.
Sneak Pocket = A hidden pocket within the lining of the pants along the zipper used by a dice cheat to store dice.
Snowballs = Misspotted dice that bear only the numbers 4, 5, and 6. Social Class A sociological term referring to the relatively homogeneous divisions of society into which people are grouped based on similar lifestyles, values, norms, interests, and behaviors; for example, a casino that attracts the lower social class is more likely to have a majority of nickel slot machines rather than baccarat tables.
Social Needs = A psychological term referring to the motivational requirements that people have social interaction.
Social Responsibility = A term referring to the organization’s obliga-tion to be aware of its impact on the surrounding environment and totake appropriate actions.
Soft = Easy.
Soft Action = (Soft Game) A game composed of players with limited gambling knowledge who are, therefore, particularly easy to cheat.
Soft Count = In casinos, counting the value of paper-like dollar bilis,cheques, markers, and so on.
Soft-Count Room = The location where the drop boxes are stored prior to the soft count and where the actual counting of the drop box con¬tents takes place; a highly secured area under constant video surveil lance monitoring.
Soft Hand = In blackjack, a hand with an ace that can be valued as one or eleven.
Spell = In craps, a term referring to a similar sequence of passes.
Spil = When a dice mechanic accidentally drops one or both palmed dice so that more than two dice are in evidence at one time.
Spin = In roulette, a term referring to setting the wheel in play.
Spindle = In roulette, a metal piece that attaches the roulette wheel to the hub.
Spin Them = In craps, an attempt to control the dice.
Spit = Gambling term referring to a player’s very small bankroll.
Splash Move = Ploy by gambling cheats who run through a cheating method without actually doing it to see if any suspicions are aroused.
Splinters = Individual player, arriving independently or on a junket, who are brought in by the casino to gamble.
Split = In blackjack, a pair that can be split into two hands as long as the same amount is bet on each hand, as in a player who splits, draws cards for both hands.
Split Bet = Bet on two numbers.
Splitter = A cheater’s term referring to a substitute gaffed die that is in¬terchanged for one of a pair of dice to change the outcome.
Splitting Pairs = In blackjack, when two of a kind can be turned into two separate hands.
Spook = A cheating term referring to a person who reads the dealer’s hole card.
Spooking = A cheating maneuver in which a team of cheats reads the dealer’s hole card and bets accordingly.
Spooning = In slot machines, a cheating device that is spoon-shaped and used to bring about a payoff.
Sports Pool = A business that accepts wagers on events with the excep¬tion of horse and other race events.
Spot = Slang term referring to someone who discovers a deviation
Spot Card = Any card ranked from ace to ten.
Spots = (1) The area printed on the feit I ayout designating where the bets are to be placed. (2) In keno, the numbers a player marks on a card.
Spread = When a player bets more than one hand simultaneously.
Spreadsheet = A software package that allows the user to turn a com¬puter’s memory into a large worksheet in which data and formulas can be entered to perform a variety of calculations.
Spread Your Deck = A casino expression referring to a dealer gather¬ing up all the cards and spreading them in a smooth arc in the middleof the table.
Spring = (1) Slang for getting a person released from police custody. (2) A slang expression for someone to pick up the tab.
Square = (1) In roulette, a bet on four connected numbers. (2) A slang expression for a conservative individual who is not in fashion.
Square a Beef = A slang expression that means to resolve a gripe. Square It A slang expression in which a person corrects a wrong. Squares Any honest gambling equipment.
Squawker = Loud, habitual complainer.
Squeeze = (1) Cheating device. (2) To control or coerce.
Squeeze Play = A method of playing a slot machine without deposit-ing a coin by squeezing the handle inward as it is pulled down so that it goes around the locking mechanism, which is normally released only when a coin is inserted.
Stack = A column of twenty cheques or coins.
Stake = (1) A wager. (2) The money to be bet on a series of gambles.
Stacked Deck = A cheating term that refers to a pack of cards that have been prearranged to suit a specific purpose.
Stakeholders = A management term referring to any constituency in the environment that is affected by an organization’s decision and policies (e.g., two types of stakeholders for a casino can be the em¬ployees and stockholders).
Stakes = A gambling term referring to the amount wagered.
Stand = A blackjack term referring to a player’s decision not to draw additional cards.
Standoff = A tie.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) = A management term refer¬ring to the traditional ways that operations are done; often dictated by the corporate headquarters.
Standards = Levels of expected performance. Stand-Up Person Trustworthy.
Status Symbol = In consumer behavior, tangible evidence of an indi¬vidual’s social position.
Stay = A player’s indication to the dealer that no more cards are desired on a hand.
Steam = Heavy surveillance.
Steamer = A player on a losing streak who increases the size of his bets in an effort to recoup his tosses.
Steaming = A player’s strategy of increasing the bet after each losing hand during a losing streak.
Steerer = A scam artist who finds suckers to come to a steer joint. Steer Joint Crooked casino.
Stereotyping = A psychological term referring to the tendency to judge a person on the basis of one’s perception of a group, such as race or age.
Stewarding = The department in a hotel or food-service operation responsible for the back of the house: cleanliness in the food and beverage areas, the cleanliness of the china, cutlery, glassware, and the customer of related food and beverage equipment.
Stick = In craps, the hockey stick-like device the dealer uses to retrieve the dice from across the table to return them to the shooter.
Stickman = In craps, the dealer who stands directly across from the boxman, calls the game, and controls its pace; she uses a hooked stick to retrieve the dice and push them toward the shooter.
Stiff = (1) A gambling term referring to a winning gambler who does not toke (tip) the dealer. (2) In blackjack, a hand that has a smalt chance of winning (twelve to sixteen points). (3) Someone who does not bet for dealers.
Stiffed = Slang for a person who receives no tip tbr providing services, such as a dealer or a server.
Stiff Hand = In blackjack, a difficult hand that has a total of twelve to sixteen and may bust if an additional card is drawn.
Stiff Sheet = The form used to record the opening table inventory, closing table inventory, drop, fills, credits, markers, and gross revenue/win for each table game by shift; completed during the soft-count process. Sting (1) A cheater’s term for when the con man gets the money.(2) Law enforcement term for a covert action.
Stock = A casino term referring to the portion of an undealt deck of cards that may be used later during the same deal.
Stonewall = Jackson Misen
Store = Slang term for a casino.
Store Dice = Imperfect cubes or dice.
Storm = A gambler’s term for a statistically significant deviation from the average.
Straddle = In poker, a bet of twice the ante placed by the second player before the deal.
Straight = In poker, a hand of any five cards in numerical sequence. Straighten Up Your Rack A casino expression said to a dealer indicating that he should arrange the racked silver and cheques into regulation stacks so that the Hoorperson can quickly count from a distance.
Straight Flush = In poker, any five cards in numerical sequence and the same suit.
Straight Ticket = In keno, a simple ticket with no combination bets. Straight-Up Bet In roulette, a bet on a single number.
Strategic Business Unit (SBU) = A management term referring to a structural group within a farm that has some autonomy.
Streak = A gambling term referring to a series of wins or tosses. Street Bet In roulette, a bet on a row of three numbers across. Stress A generic term referring to the mobilization of the body’s energy sources when confronted with demands or conflict.
Strike =(the) A cheating, or second dealing, technique in which the top card is pushed over slightly so as to expose the outer corner of the second card that is then dealt out by the thumb.
Strike Number = For card counters, the strategie number that alters the betting.
Stringing = In slots, a cheating technique in which a cheat inserts a coin on a string and pulls it back out of the machine.
Strip = A universal term for the casino row along Las Vegas Boulevard (Las Vegas Strip).
Strippers = A cheater’s device that refers to a deck of cards whose edges have been trimmed.
Strip The Deck = A cheating method of shuffling that consists of drop¬ping a few cards at a time off the top of the deck.
Strong = Effective cheating move.
Strong Arm = Physical coercion.
Strong Work = Crooked cards marked with heavy lines. Stuck Lose.
Stud Poker = In poker, a game in which some of the cards are dealt face up and others face down.
Stuffed = Person with plenty of cash.
Sub = A cheating technique in which a concealed pocket or other de¬vice on the clothing or body is used for holding illegally taken cheques.
Sucker = Gullible person.
Sucker Bet = A gambling term referring to a bet that has a high proba¬bility of losing.
Sucker Word = Cheating terms used only by noncheaters.
Sucker Work = Ineffective gaffs sold to amateurs who do not know any betten
Suction Dice = Dice with concave surfaces.
Suite = In a hotel, one or more bedrooms connected to a parlor or living room.
Suite Hotel = A type of hotel whose guestrooms have a separate bed¬room and living spaces and sometimes a kitchenette.
Super George = In dealer’s jargon, a player who bets a lot for the dealer.
Sure Thing = Any bet that has verg little chance of losing.
Surrender = In blackjack, to give up on a bad hand and lose half the bet.
Surveillance = The ability of the organization to observe all behaviors on the total area of the property.
Survey = A research tool in which information is systematically gathered
Sweat =( 1 worry about. (2) The term used to describe a boss who is worried if the house is losing money.
Sweat Card = A plastic card placed near the end of the deck by the dealer to indicate the point at which the cards will be reshuffled. Sweater A casino term for a person who only watches a game. Sweep A casino term for clearing the chips off the table.
Sweeten a Bet = Legally adding checks to a wager before the cards have been dealt.
Swinging = A casino term for stealing by a casino employee. Swing Shift Shift from six or seven p.m. to two or three a.m.
Switch = A con technique for illegally exchanging one object for another.
Switching = (1) The process of transferring the mark’s interest from the come-on proposition to the deal that actually constitutes the con. (2) The process of transferring the mark’s confidence from the outside man to the inside man in a big con.
SWOT = A strategie planning term for the analysis of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses against the environmental opportunities and threats.
System = Any strategie method using a mathematical calculation of chances.
System Bettor = Any player using a system to bet.
Systems Approach = A management theory that sees an organization as a set of interrelated and interdependent parts.