Casino woorden met een U

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter U
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze translator drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Uncertainty = Situation in which the decision maker does not have a clear probability estimate of the outcomes.
Underground Economy = Unreported economie activity (e.g., illegal gambling).
Under the Gun = (1) In poker, a player who must bet first. (2) In card games, the player to the left of the dealer.
Unemployment = (1) In economics, workers who would be willing to work at prevailing wages but cannot find jobs. (2) In the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a worker who is unemployed, is not working, and either waiting for recall from layoff or has actively looked for work in the previous four weeks.
Uniform System of Accounts = A system of accounts used in the hos¬pitality industry whereby all accounts have shared codes and all accounting procedures are done the same way.
Union = A formal association of workers that promotes the welfare of its members, such as the Teamster’s Union.
Unit = Measure used by gamblers to set the size of their wagers, usually based on the minimum bet at a particular game.
Unpaid Shill = Steady low roller.
Up a Tree = Dealer’s face-up card.
Up-card = In blackjack, a dealer’s card dealt face up.
Utility = In economics, the satisfaction derived from the consumption of a commodity.