Casino woorden met een B

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter B
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Baccarat = A card game made famous by fictional character James Bond in which players bet against a player who is called the banker, and a shoe is used to deal the cards; typically a high stakes game.
Also called chemin de fer, Nevada Baccarat, Punto Banco, or Armerican Baccarat.
Baccarat Banque = A version of baccarat found predominantly in France where the casino dealer acts as the banker, deals all cards, and
banks all bets. Cards are dealt to two different players, each on either side of the table.
Back counting = When someone who k not playing the table counts cards or counts down the deck. When tt favorable count occurs, the hack counter places their wager; unially done from a place behind the actual players at the blackjack table.
Backing Up Cards =(1) To prove a hand. (2) To move cards from one hand to another.
Back Line = In craps, the “don’t pass” line.
Back Line Odds = With a bet on the don’t pass line, a craps player lays odds on the point number.
Back of the House = The functional areas of the casino, hotel, or restau¬rant in which personnel have little or no direct contact with the guests.
Back-to-Back = Winning two hands in a row.
Back-to-Back Stud Poker = Two cards of the same denomination con¬sisting of the hole cards and the first upcard.
Bad Debt = In accounting, the amount of money owed to the farm that is written off because it is uncollectible.
Badge Slang = term for a gaming enforcement officer or a police officer. Bad Mouthing The spreading of negative comments and opinions about an organization by a dissatisfied customer.
Bad Paper = In accounting, checks that are not honored at the bank.
Baggage = (1) A person who frequents a game but does not play. (2) A person who cannot pay his own expenses and expects someone else to do so.
Bagged = Arrested.
Balance Sheet = Financial statement identifying the assets and liabili-ties of an organization at a specific point in time.
Ball = The round, sphere-shaped object made to rigid standards of density and composition that is spun around the roulette wheel and, subsequently, falls into the winning slot number and color.
Ball Out = When the ball (see above) bursts out of the roulette wheel, invalidating the spin.
Bananas = Twenty-dollar chips used in baccarat that are yellow in color.
Banco =(1) Used in baccarat when a player wants to challenge the bank. (2) Term for the bank in chemin de fer. (3) Old-time cheating scheme.
Banco Sulvi = In baccarat, a cal! hy a player der site luis lost a coup when she wants to bet against the bank again.
Bang Up = Closing the game or the house on command from a boss or supervisor.
Bank = (1) Sum of money present at a gambling table, also called the
bankroll. = (2) House or dealer who pays off. (3) Starting quantity of chips at the table.
Bank Craps = One version of craps in which the players wager against the house or banker and not against each other.
Banker = (1) An operator of a banking game. (2) A player who accepts bets from other players in a private banking game.
Bank Hand = One of two betting positions in baccarat.
Banking Game = Any casino game in which players bet against the house rather than each other.
Bankroll = In casinos, the amount of money the table is stocked with at the beginring of the shift.
Bankroll Man = The financier of a game.
Bar = (1) As in to bar; not allowed. (2) Barring twelve or two on “don’t pass” bets allows the casino to accept “don’t” bets. (3) Area where alcoholic beverages are served.
Barber Pole = A wager consisting of chips of various denominations and, thus, colors. When such a wager wins, chips are divided by color and paid by color.
Barriers to Competition = Factors that reduce the amount of competi¬tion or the number of firms, thereby allowing greater economic concentration to occur. Examples of barriers include legal barriers and regulatory barriers.
Barring the First Rolt = A private craps hustler’s bet in which a winning first roll for his opponent does not count, but is a “no decision” or standoff.
Base = (1) In blackjack, a player’s betting position at the table. First base is the position farthest to the dealer’s left, second base is directly in the center, and third base is the position farthest to the dealer’s right. Second base is also called center field. (2) In craps, this refers to the position of the dealers. First base is the stickperson, second
base is the dealer to the right of the boxperson, and third base is the dealer to the left of the boxperson.
Base Dealer = (1) A card mechanic who specializes in dealing off the bottom of the deck. (2) One of the dealers that deals from second or third base on a crap table.
Beun = A low value or one-dollar chip.
Beun Counter = An accountant.
Beanshooter = A cheating technique in which a simple holdout device is worn on the arm.
Board = Someone who is used by the cheat to make bets for her be-cause she is a known player.
Beat = (1) To overcome or beat the odds. (2) To cheat someone out of money in a gambling game.
Belly Strippers = Cards that have been trimmed so that some of them are wider at the center along the lides than at the ends. Benchmarking In business, the search for the best practices among competitors that leads to their superior performance.
Bender = In cheating, a person who puts a very slight bend on the cor¬ners of cards so they can be identified later.
Benji = A one-hundred-dollar bill.
Benny Blue In craps, a seven out.
Bernoulli System = A closed mathematical system in which each out¬come has a constant probability of coming up, from one trial to another; the results of each trial are mutually exclusive of each other; each trial is independent of the other; and the sum of all possible out¬comes is one hundred percent, such as in dice or roulette.
Bernoulli Theorem = The canon that decrees that the larger the num¬ber of trials within a system, the greater the likelihood that the actual results will approximate their mathematical expectation.
Best of It = When one player has a greater likelihood of winning than the other players due to a mathematical edge, greater skill, or through cheating.
Bet = A wager made hy the player.
Bet Blind = A wager made without looking at one’s cards.
Bet Both Ways = When the table has two-way action, helling on either the right or the wrong.
Bet the Dice = to Win Betting right that the shooter will pass.
Bet the Limit = Wagering the maximum amount that the table rules or the house allows.
Bet the Pot = A wager that matches the amount already on the table or in the kitty.
Betting Ratio = The mathematical relationship between the highest and lowest wager placed by a player.
Betting Right In craps,= a wager that the shooter will win.
Betting System = A series of mathematical rules that determine how a player should allocate his money among wagers on different trials in a game.
Betting Ticket = A computer form that is a player’s receipt for a wager placed in race and spons.
Betting True Count = Varying bets based on the count, higher for “plus counts” and lower for “minus counts.”
Betting Wrong In craps,= a wager that the shooter will lose.
Bevel (Beveled) = When dice have been modified such that one or more edges are slightly rounded rather than flat, so that the dice tend to fallon a certain number, thus improving the player’s odds. Beveled dice are illegal.
Bicycle = The style used by a card manufacturen. Big Bertha In slots, oversized machines.
Big Con = Any elaborate con game or scheme lasting over several days and involving numerous people.
Big Dick In craps, = the point ten.
Big Order = Bookmakers phrase for a large bet. Big Red In craps, the number seven.
Big Six = Game that uses a large, vertical wheel with varied payoffs, often called the Wheel of Fortune or Money Wheel.
Bingo = Game where the goal is to match the numbers on a playing card to those drawn hy the house using numhered balts. The standard winning pattern on the card is a complete list or line of numbers in a
horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern. The game is a mainstay of Native American casinos and is not played in Atlantic City.
Bird = A loser or sucker who appears to enjoy giving his money away. Bird Dog An informant who provides hustlers with information on where they can find promising games or victims.
Black and Whites = A term for the black pants and white shirts that dealers commonly wear.
Block Book = (1) A document put out by the Nevada Gaming Commis¬sion with the names and pictures of mobsters. If a casino allows en¬try of anyone listed, they can lose their gaming license. (2) A book with pictures and names of over twenty-five-hundred undesirables developed by an ex-lawman from Nevada. (3) A book of clients and their preferences kept by a prostitute.
Black in Action = When a hundred-dollar check is in play. This is an approval call by the floorman.
Blackjack = (1) Card game whose object is to collect cards that score twenty-one or lens. (2) A hand comprised of an ace and a ten, or court card, valued at ten, to give a two-card total of twenty-one and a nat¬ural winner, but cannot be formed after splitting two aces. (3) What a gambler has when she beats the dealer, also called BJ.
Black Line = Work A cheating method in cards in which a small cut is made along the black line that borders each picture on a face card and is felt by the cheat as a means of identifying the card.
Blacklist = List and/or photographs of certain people who are not allowed in the casino.
Blackout Bingo = A winning setup in which a player must cover all twenty-four numbers on her card.
Blackout Work = A cheating technique in which the cards are marked by blocking out some of the design with white ink or some element of the design is somewhat embellished.
Blacks = One-hundred-dollar chips, usually black in color.
Blanket Roll = In craps, a controlled two-dlce roll made on a soft sur- face, usually a blanket.
Blind Bet Poker = A bet made before the player looks at his cards. Blister A cheating method in cards in which a smalt bump is placedon the back of a card so the cheat can identify it whenever it is on the top of the deck.
Block In lodging =, a number of rooms set aside for members of a group, such as gamblers with comps.
Blood Money = Hard-earned money that one has difficulty attaining. Blow (1) To lose. (2) To be caught in the act of cheating.
Blower The equipment = used in keno or bingo to mix and select num¬bered balls.
Blowoff = Any technique for getting rid of a mark after she has been swindled in a con game.
Blueprint = A precise schematic diagram of a building, or part of a building, on which nonessential elements are eliminated, thus con veying information about the size, relative position, and distance of various parts.
Bluff In poker = to bet heavily in spite of holding a weak hand in an attempt to make one’s opponents think a good hand is held, with theexpectation that opponents will drop out, allowing the bluffer to win.
Boards = (1) The raised element surrounding the table; allo called the rail or the blackboard. (2) In Atlantic City, refers to the boardwalk when a player decides it is time to leave, as in hit the boards. (3) Agroup or commission that deals with policy issues occurring at the highest level of an organization (e.g., the Gaming Board).
Boat = Receptacle that contains the unused dice.
Bookmaking =The taking of bets on a specific event, such as a sporting event.
Book the Action = Accept a wager.
Bop = When a player jumps from table to table, often done in conjunc¬t ion with partners at various tables who are card counters.
Bottom Dealer = A cheating technique where the dealer draws cards from the bottom of the deck.
Bouleur Croupier = who spins the roulette wheel.
Bouncer =(1) Employee who is usually burly, keeps order in the house or bar, and ejects troublemaking patrons. (2) A check that cannot be collected.
Bowl In roulette = the wooden recess that holds the spinping part of thewheel.
Box = (1) In craps, the receptacle or bowl in which the stickman keeps the dice. (2) In blackjack, a square area on the table in front of the player in which the bet is usually placed.
Boxcars = In craps, to roll the number twelve.
Boxman =(Boxperson) Casino employee in charge of the craps table who supervises the stickman or dealer, is subordinate to the floorman and pit boss, deposits money in the drop box, and monitors the pay outs to ensure accuracy.
Box Numbers =(1) A betting space on a money craps layout, nearest to the dealer, on which each of the possible point numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9,10) appear within a square or box. Players may bet each or all ofthese numbers at any time. (2) The same as place bets in bank craps,and the same as off numbers in private craps.
Box Up (Box Them Up) = Act of mixing the dice by the stickman so that the player may select another pair.
Boys = (1) In craps, the dealers. (2) Players, gamblers. (3) Members oforganized crime.
BP = An abbreviation for big player or high roller.
Break = (Broke) (1) A hand in blackjack that exceeds twenty-one. (2) Rest period for dealers, usually fifteen to twenty minuten in each hour worked (typically, dealers work cycles of an hour dealing fol¬lowed by a twenty-minute rest period or break).
Break a Game = When one or more players end a game by winning all the money at a particular table or all the money the casino has.
Breakage In craps,= to allow more odds than what would actually be single, double, and so on of the flat bet to avoid paying multiple col¬ors and cheating the player out of the change.
Break Down = To cut chips into countable stacks.
Break Even =(1) To win as much as one loses. (2) When revenues are equal to expenses.
Break Even Analysis = A managerial control aid that provides infor-mation on the required number of units or sales volume at which the business neither makes nor loses money.
Break In =(1) To get a dealer’s job with little or no prior experience. (2) A new or novice dealer.
Break It Down =To cut chips into countable stacks or to segregate them by color.
Breaks Luck, =either good or bad, as in “Those are the breaks.”
Break the Bank =(1) In European table games, the casino imposes a limit on the amount of casino chips supplied to each table. When the table loses its bank, it shuts down. (2) To win all a casino’s money.
Break the Deck = In blackjack, to reshuffle the cards, usually in an effort to foil a card counter.
Brick In craps, = a cheating technique in which a die has been cut so that it is not true. See also flats.
Bridge In cheating,= to slightly bend the ten-cards lengthwise so that they are easy to spot on the table or in the deck.
Broke Money = A gift from the house of transportation costs to a player who lost all of his money. Also referred to as a ding.
Buck = (1) A one-dollar bill. (2) Machismo male.
Buck the Game = Bet against the house.
Budget = Guides the allocation of financial, human, and physical re¬sources; often used in planning and control.
Buffet = In restaurants, a method of service in which the guests serve themselves. It includes a wide variety of items and is the “meal comp” provided to low rollers.
Bug = A device placed under the table or on the slot machine as a ineans of cheating.
Buildup = A scam that causes the cashier to return too much money when making change for a large bill.
Bull = Detective or police officer.
Bullet = Ace card.
Bum Move = Suspicious action by a player.
Bump Into = An action by the dealer in which she pushes a stack of chips next to and touching a shorter stack, and removes the excess to make both stacks equal.
Bum Steer = Incorrect or bad information.
Bundle Large bankroll = a lot of money.
Bureaucracy = A system or organization and management character¬ized by specialization, a well-defined hierarchy, rules, impersonal regulations, and fixed criteria for promotion and selection, such as in
Burnt Card = In single deck blackjack, a card that im reversed on the bottom of the deck to conceal it.
Burn Up =(1) An angry person. (2) Said of dice when they are making money passes.
Burr Dice = Dice in which the edges of some spots have been left with burrs so those sides will tend to catch if the dice are rolled on a cloth covered surface.
Burst =(1) In blackjack, cards totaling more than twenty-one. (2) Bust, break.
Bust = (1) In blackjack, cards totaling more than twenty-one. (2) B urst, break; worthless hand.
Bust Card = In blackjack, the nomenclature for the two, three, four, five, or six as the dealer’s upcard because it is a difficult point to hit.
Busters = Misspotted dice.
Bust Hand = In blackjack, a hand totaling from twelve to sixteen. Also called a hard hand.
Bust In = To switch in misspotted dice.
Bust-Out = Joint A gambling house that follows a policy of cheating the players.
Bust-Out Man = A cheater who specializes in switching crooked dice.
Butterfly Cup = A dice cup that is modified in a way that allows the cheat to switch dice in the process of shaking them prior to rolling.
Buttons = (1) In roulette, the small markers used to identify the tempo¬rary value of a player’s chips. (2) In craps, the small markers used to identify different types of bets. (3) Small markers used to record the amount of chips taken from a table without being paid for in cash or other chips.
Buy Behind In craps,= to purchase true odds behind a point number, wagering that the number will not be rolled before a seven, bought at a premium of 5 percent.
Buy Bet In craps,= a bet made on a point number, betting that the number will be rolled before a seven, with the bet usually bought at a premium of 5 percent of the amount of the bet and paid at true odds.
Buy In In poker, =the sum of money a player exchanges for chips. Also called buying in.