Casino woorden met een G

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter F
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

G (Gaff or Gimmick) = Any secret cheating device.
Galloping Dominoes = Pair of dice.
Gambler’s Fallacy = The erroneous belief that because an event has not occurred recently in a series of independent trials, it becomes more likely to occur in the future as in staying at a single slot machine or betting a certain number.
Gambler’s Ruin = The risk that a gambler will run out of money or lose his entire bankroll.
Gambling = To make a prediction of an uncertain outcome and then back the decision with money.
Game Bankroll = Refers to the house’s gaming cheques maintained on the table; increases or decreases to the bankroll are accomplished through fill or credit transactions and through player transactions. Also known as table float or inventory.
Games = Casino gaming activities that use dealers and do not include slot machines.
Gaming Board = (Commission) In some jurisdictions, the name of the government appointed authority that regulates casino gaming.
Gate = In craps, when officials or employees of the casino stop the dice before they have finished rolling because they fear foul play.
George = (1) Player who plays very well. (2) Player who gives the dealer cash. (3) Player who makes bets on behalf of the dealer.
Get Behind the Stick = In craps, when a stickman or dealer goes to work or opens the game.
Gets the Money = Any cheating technique that is highly effective in winning the other players’ money.
GGR = An abbreviation for gross gaming revenue. G.I. Marbles Dice.
Gimmick = Something used to fix or alter a game.
Give Him the Bum’s Rush = To eject a player without dignity. Give the Business (1) To cheat someone. (2) To ignore someone.
Glass House = A management term referring to the situation in which everyone views all decisions and actions.
Glim = A cheating technique, which employs a small hidden mirror,that allows the cheat to see the faces of the cards as they are dealt.
Glim Worker = A card cheat who uses a small hidden mirror that allows him to see the faces of the cards as they are being dealt.
GM = An abbreviation for general manager.
G-Note = One-thousand dollar bill.
Go = Term used by dealers when talking about the amount of tips made, as in “What did you go yesterday?”
Go for the Money = To cheat.
Good Man = (1) A player with much money. (2) Someone who is an adept cheater.
Good Thing = A sound wager.
Goose = In keno, the tube where balls collect after being forced through an air stream.
Go Over = In blackjack, when anyone exceeds twenty-one; also called break or bust.
Gorilla = A noncounting player who receives signals from a counter.
Go South With = To secretly palm cards, dice, money, or anything else and take it out of action.
Grand = One thousand dollars.
Grapevine = In an organization, the informal, lateral communications through which a few individuals relate information to others.
Graiveyard Shift = The last work shift, usually lasting until early morning.
Gravity Model = A site-selection method based on the premise that people frequent businesses that are closer and more attractive than c ompetitors ‘ .
Greek Deal = A cheating technique in which the second card from the bottom of the deck is dealt white pretending to deal off the top. :reek Shot In craps, a controlled throw of the dice.
Green = (1) Cash. (2) Twenty-five dollar chips that are green in color.
Green Horn = An inexperienced gambler.
Green Numbers = In roulette, the zero and double zero. Grief Bad luck or difficulty.
Grievance Procedure = A formal channel of communication, often found in companies with unions; used to resolve job-related complaints.
Griffin Agent = An employee of the most renowned Griffin Detective Agency who is hired by numerous casinos to detect slot and gaming cheats, dishonest employees, and card counters.
Grift All = categories of theft in which the victim is robbed through trickery rather than force.
Grifter = A dishonest gambler.
Grind Houses = (Joint) Casinos catering to low-end players (low rollers) but requiring high volume of play.
Gross Gaming Revenue = The net spending of customers on gaming, not including spending on nongaming operations such as food and beverage, hotel rooms, and other retail expenditures.
Gross Operating Profit = Revenues minus operating costs before taxes.
Gross Revenues = In accounting, total incoming sales; specific to casi┬Čnos, refers to the net win resulting from deducting all gaming tosses from all wins prior to considering associated operating expenses; also known as gross gaming revenue and win.
Group Norms = Unwritten rules of conduct established to maintain consistent and desired behavior within the group; often found in business.