Casino woorden met een I

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter I
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze
“translator” drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

lce = Protection money.
Iceman = Bagman; person who collects money.
IGRA = An abbreviation for Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.
IGT = An abbreviation for International Gaming Technologies, Inc.
Image = How a business is viewed, either positively or negatively, by consumers.
Impair = In roulette, wagering that the winning number will be odd.
In = Quantity of money that a player has traded for chips at the table; also called a buy-in.
In Balance = An accounting term used to describe the state when the totals of debit amounts and credit amounts are equal.
Incentives = In management, rewards designed to encourage and reimburse employees for efforts beyond normal performance expectations.
Incentive Travel = Travel by persons who have received travel packages as a reward for outstanding performance.
Incentive Travel Planners = Specialized tour wholesalers who assemble incentive packages for sponsoring organizations.
Income = The flow of wages, interest, dividends, and other receipts accruing to an individual, firm, or region.
Income Statement = Financial document that encapsulates the performance of an organization for a specified period of time.
Independent Agent = An individual located outside the casino location (usually a different city) and not employed by the casino who attracts customers who wish to play in the casino; compensated with a commission based on head count or the customers’ play.
Independent Variable = Variable hypothesized to explain variations in the dependent variable.
Index = The numbers in the upper left and lower right of a player card that indicate its value.
Indian Dice = A traditional Native American bar game using live dice and allowed under Class 1 gaming; each player gets three throws with the object to build the best possible poker hand; there are no straights and a one is wild.
Indian Gaming = A term referring to the betting on uncertain out-comes on Native American reservations.
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) = A 1988 federal regulation, which established rules and three levels for Native American gam¬bling. (See Class I, Class II, and Class III Gaming.)
Indicator = On the big six wheel, the dapper that indicates the winning space.
Industry = Group of firms or businesses producing similar goods or services.
Inflation = The increase in volume of money and credit, resulting in the continuing rise of the general price level.
Information Overload = Too much information; generally referring to a tendency of information systems and their users to generate and send too much or nonuseful information to guests and employees.
Initial Fill = A predetermined amount of coins that are placed into the hopper when a new slot machine is placed on the casino floor; the be-ginning inventory of coins for each slot machine; recorded as “other assets” on the books of the casino and are not deductible expenses.
Innovation = In business, the creation or acquisition of new technology.
Innovator = (1) In management, a person who is creative and approaches problems from a new perspective. (2) In marketing, a person who trien new products first.
In Prison = (en prison) In European roulette, when the ball lands on zero, even money bets are offered two choices: partage and in prison. If the gambler selects in prison, depending on the next spin, the player can recover but without a payoff, or he loses.
Inputs = Raw data that are entered in the information system. Inside The casino’s position in the games.
Inside Man = Casino employee who handles the books or finances. Inside Straight In poker, a sequence of cards that needs an internal or middle card to complete the sequence.
Inside Ticket = The keno ticket that is presented by the player with her selections and amount wagered indicated; the ticket is retained by the casino.
Inside Work = Any gaffs.
Insurance = In blackjack, a wager that the dealer has a ten-card face down when an ace is showing; pays two to one.
Insurance Counter = A player who uses a special count, perfect for the insurance bet. He often signals the correct insurance play to another counter, who is playing a different system.
Insurance Line = In blackjack, the place on the table where the insur¬ance bet is placed.
Interdependency = When changes in one part of the organization af¬fect all other parts of the organization.
Intermodal Transportation = Using a combination of transportation modes to take advantage of the benefits of each during its portion of the transportation task, as in using planes then buses to transport people to a casino.
Internal Audit = Financial review performed by company personnel. Internal Customer Persons or units within the organization that de¬pend on and serve each other.
Internal Environment = Tangible and intangible factors that exist within the organization and are under its control.
Internal Organizational Forces = Factors inside the organization in¬cluding personnel, organization structure, policies, resources, and relationships that may affect managerial decision making.
In the Chips = Having a lot of money.
In the Clear = Free of debt.
In the Red = (1) In debt. (2) Losing.
Intrinsic Rewards = Rewards that originate with the person due to sat¬isfaction with the work itself, achievements, and self-esteem.