Casino woorden met een T

Alle woorden uit het casino met de letter T
Het zijn Engelse woorden omdat die het meest gebruikt worden in de casino’s.
We hebben ook de Engelse uitleg erachter je kan rechts in het menu op onze translator drukken om het in de taal naar keuze (zoals Nederlands) te vertalen.

Table Bankroll = In blackjack, the chips in the tray at a specific table.
Table Card = For premium players wagering through the use of call bets, the table card is a form used to track player wins and losses until the end of the period of play. When complete, any amount owed by the player will be settled to a marker and the marker number will be indicated on the table card as a reference; also referred to as an auxiliary table card, player card, or a call-bet sheet.
Table Credits = The transfer of chips, tokens, and/or coin from a specific table game to the casino cage; also used to transfer an unpaid gaming marker to the casino cage.
Table Drop = (1) In casinos, the amount of money, 1111(1 markers, that are placed info the drop box at a gaming table. (2) In casinos, the amount of money that a custotner exchanges; cash for chips.
Table Fitis = The transfer of chips, tokens, and/or coin from the casino cage to a specific gaming table.
Table Float = The inventory of cheques maintained on a table in a tray that is secured by a clear, lockable cover when the table is not in use. Table Game A game that uses a table as part of the action.
Table Game = Drop The process of removing the drop box from each gaming table at the end of the designated gaming shift and replacing that box with an empty box for the next shift; also includes the security and transportation of the removed drop boxes from the pit area to the soft count room.
Table Hopping = A gambling term for a person who switches gaming tables in an attempt to change her luck.
Table Inventory = The supply of chips, tokens, and coin stored on a gaming table that are used by the dealer to pay off winning player bets, store losing player bets, and exchange chips for currency. Table Inventory Slip (TIS) The accounting document that records the monetary amount of checks that are in each table game rack at the end of each shift or when a game is closed.
Table Limit = A casino term for the maximum and minimum bets allowed at a table
Table Stakes = In poker, a method of placing a maximum betting limit on wagers.
Table Win = In casinos, this amount is calculated by subtracting the value of the chips missing from the bankrop of the table from the drop.
T-Account = In accounting, a two-column system in which charges are posted on the left side and payments on the right side.
Take = (1) A gaming expression for the casino receipts. (2) Slang for accepting a bribe. (3) Depart.
Take a Bath = To lose heavily or to go broke.
Take and Pay = A casino term referring to the dealer’s method of settling up with the winners and losers.
Take an Edge = In gaming, to acquire a dishonest advantage.
Take Down = In gaming, to remove a bet (usually pertains to a bet for the dealers).
Take It = A craps term for backing the dice to win by taking the odds
Take It Off = from the Inside Employee theft.
Take-Off Man = Partner from a cheating stam who makel the large wagers.
Take-Off Pad = Place at the front base of the shoe where the cards are drawn.
Take the Odds = In craps, to accept a “wrong” bet at odds.
Taking the Count = In casinos, the pit boss may stop the action at a table so that security guards can do a cash inventory.
Tall Organization = Organization that has numerous hierarchical levels and narrow spans of control.
Tap Out = Lose one’s total bank or money.
Tappers = Dice with an inside shifting weight.
Target Market = A large, easily identifiable, and accessible group of people who have common interests so that a company can sell to them.
Tariff = Published fares, rates, charges, and/or related conditions. Task Force Temporary joining of personnel from different organizational subunits to accomplish a specific, well-defined, complex task. Task Significante The degree to which the job has an important im pact on the organization.
Tat Con = game using dice with only high numbers.
Tear Up = Pretending to tear up a check from a mark and then cashing it. Technical Skill Specific knowledge of and ability to perform specific tasks and duties.
Technology = Major techniques or tasks performed to produce the output of an organization.
Tees = Misspotted dice that have certain numbers repeated on opposite sides whereas other numbers have been left off entirely.
Telegraph = Nonverbal action that betrays intentions to others, such as security.
Tell = In poker, a nervous reaction by a player that signals his cards.
Tell the Tale = For a con man, usually the inside man, to explain to the mark the deal by which she is supposed to profil.
Ten Rich = High number of ten count cards remaining in the deck ac¬cording to a card counter.
Ten-Stop = Machine A gaffed slot machine that has twenty symbols on each of its reels but is gaffed so that only ten of them can appear on its pay line.
Terminal = The keyboard and monitor for a computer system.
The Ming = The organization and presentation of the guest experience around a unifying idea or theme, often a fantasy theme, to give guests the illusion of being in a place and time other than “the here and now.”
Theoretical Hold = In slots, the intended hold percentage or win as computed by reference to its payout schedule and reel strip settings; deviation of the actual hold percentage from the theoretical hold percentage can be an indication of problems.
Theoretical Hold Worksheet = A worksheet provided by the manufacturer for all slot machines, which indicates the theoretical percentages that the slot machine should hold based on adequate levels of coin-in; also indicates the reel strip setting, number of coins that may be played, the payout schedule, the number of reels, and other information descriptive of the particular type of slot machine; also known as a spet sheet.
Theory X = Traditional view of motivation that assumes employees must be closely supervised and controlled.
Theory Y = Theory of motivation that assumes employees are self-motivated and can be delegated authority.
Theory Z = Motivation theory that suggests that employees should be given a participatory role in defining their jobs and in decision making.
There’s Work Down = Crooked dice are being used. They’re Burning Up Dice that make pass after pass. Thin One Dime.
Third Base = (1) Far left-hand seat on the blackjack table. (2) Last hand dealt.
Third Dozen = In roulette, a bet on the numbers twenty-five through thirty-six.
Three-Card Monte = A three-card game; the object is to pick one of three cards down that is the queen and avoid picking any aces.
Three-Number Bet = In roulette, a bet paying eleven to one. Three of a Kind In poker, three cards of the same number. Three-Way Craps In craps, when one player bets equal amounts ontwo, three, and twelve separately, yet concurrently.
Thumb Out = Process of using the thumb of the hand holding a stack to equalize a series of stacks of cheques.
Ticket = Bar-coded slip of paper used in place of money or coins in slot machines.
Tie = Hand in which both the player and dealer hold the same total value.
Tie-Up = Person who keeps the mark interested in the stam until the end. Tight (1) Little known cheating technique. (2) Hustler who can keep a secret.
Tightwad = Miserly or stingy person.
Time-and-a-Half = (1) When a player has blackjack, dealer pays one and one-half times the bet. (2) Overtime pay.
Time and Motion = Study Process of analyzing jobs to determine the best movements for performing each task; for example, watching dealers to eliminate any superfluous moves so that play can be faster. Time Management Scheduling time effectively.
Tip = To reveal cheating secrets.
TIPS = Standards for training for intervention procedures by servers; sponsored by the NRA, TIPS is a certification program that informs participants about alcohol and the effects of alcohol on people, the common signs of intoxication, and how to help customers avoid drinking too much.
Title VII = In employment, the portion of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination in hiring and promoting.
Toilet = Term for casino.
Toke Box = A slotted, locked box for tips.
Toke Committee = The dealers who are elected to represent each shift when interpreting the rules and addressing problems.
Toke Cutters = The group of dealers who are voted by their shifts to count and divide the daily tokes into individual shares; they are given extra money for this duty and are responsible for the money.
Tokens = Substitutes for coins; produced so that they are unique to each casino and are used for slot machine play, primarily in machines with denominations of one dollar or more.
Toke Rules = A list of rules established by the dealers, or the house, as to how the tokens are to be divided.
Tokes = Tips, gratuity.
Toke Split = Pooling and distributing all tips to all dealers. Tom Player who leaves little or no tip.
Tools = Altered dice that cheaters use.
Top = Upper level management or reputable information source.
Topping the Deck = Cheater who palms off the top of the deck on the cut.
Tops = A die that has duplicate numbers.
Tops and Bottoms = Gaffed dice that bear only three different numbers on each die.
Total Quality Management (TQM) = Philosophy of management that is driven by customer needs and expectations.
Touch = (1) To ask for a Joan. (2) Money obtained by cheating.
Tour-Basing Fare = Special reduced, round-trip fare with date and time restrictions.
Tourism = Industry that caters to travelers and includes travel, hotels, transportation, and so on.
Tourneur = In European roulette, the dealer who spins the wheel and throws the ball into the wheel runway.
Tour Operator = Company that specializes in the planning and opera¬tion of prepaid, preplanned vacations.
Tour Organizer = Individual who organizes tours for special groups of people.
Tour Package = Travel plan that includes elements of a vacation like transportation and accommodations.
Tour Wholesaler = Company that plans, markets, and operates tours to intermediaries but rarely to the end user.
Tout = (1) To ask for bets. (2) Verbally promote a game. TQM An abbreviation for total quality management.
Trade Show Events where all, or part, of the industry (suppliers, carri¬ers, intermediaries, and destination marketing organizations) is brought together to share information and sell their products.
Training = Learning process whereby people acquire skills, or knowl¬edge, to aid in the achievement of goals.
Transversale Plein = In roulette, a three-number bet on a horizontal row.
Trap = Bet that is not what it appears to he.
Tray = In casinos, a specific area for handling chips.
Trey = In craps, three on a die.
Trim = To defraud someone.
Trip Dice = Trimmed edges on a pair of dice.
Trip Work = Altered dice that have some edges extended slightly to prevent them from rolling over those edges.
True Count = Running count adjusted for the number of cards or decks remaining to be played.
Try-Out = Interview audition done in front of supervisors.
T-Test = A hypothesis test that uses the t-statistic and the t-distribution to determine whether to reject or retain the null hypothesis.
Tub = Wheel.
Tumble = Discover a scam.
Turkey = (1) Ignorant blackjack player. (2) Any player who is unpleas¬ant to deal to.
Turn a Sucker = Convince a mark to help con others.
Turnover = (1) Process of employees leaving an organization and being replaced. (2) The number of times the seats or tables in a restaurant are used in a given period (day).
Twenty-One = Alternate name for blackjack.
Twinkle = Hidden mirror that allows a dealer to see the cards as he deals. Two Bits Twenty-five cents.
Two-Card Push Off = A cheating, or second dealing, technique in which the top two cards are slid over (together) in alignment and the second card is pulled out as the top card is drawn back onto the deck. Twofer In blackjack, $2.50 chip.
Two-Number Bet = In craps, a bet that one of two specific numbers will, or will not, be thrown before a seven.
Two Pairs = In poker, two cards of one value and two of another value. Two-Rolt Bet In craps, a bet decided by the next two throws. Two-Way Bet Bet between player and dealer in which winnings aredivided equally.
Type-A Behavior = Behavior marked by a chronic sense of time urgency and an excessive competitive drive.
Type-B Behavior = Behavior that is relaxed, easygoing, and noncom¬petitive.